What Are The Humanities And Why Are They Important Annotated Bibliography Sample

Published: 2021-06-26 22:00:04
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This article talks of humanities being intoned disciplines where national memory civic vigor understanding and communication is attained. Here, these items that result from the events of defining humanities actualize the objective of individual as well as global fulfillment whereby there are ideas that are generated to be held in common. Humanities together with other social sciences have played a vital role in ensuring that evidence and reasoning domains are acquired within the society. That is, rules of evidence are contested as well as the power of reason probably doubted. This happens in efforts to get things right despite the risk that lies within the uncritical traditional preservation.


This article makes vehement efforts to describe humanities as the link to the informed responses of issues that are urgent and that we exist together with them. That is it enables us to identify and acquire the knowledge and also the expertise to analyze the essential events of social and cultural being. That is, it enables the economy to have a knowledge-driven status. Humanities instill the economy as well as the people in many attractive ways. To elaborate further, the growing sectors in the cultural, creative and digital arena are as a result of humanities. It is conjunction with that role that the response of the economy amounts to development of ideas. These ideas enable the states to develop the kind of world required.


After an expounded comparison with other categories and fields of study, humanities are referred to as the greatest sources of strength within a nation. That is holding to the fact that the leadership of any country depends on the criterion used, then the title of humanities comes up. The article stipulates that humanities contain tangible and real disciplines. These disciplines include the learning of history, literature, theater art, music and languages. The intense and advanced appreciation of humanities will encourage the learners to communicate. The communication that is facilitated by humanities actually refers to the ability to defend or approve thoughts.


With reference to the Michigan tech, humanities are aimed at engaging in teaching and researching across different aspects of life. These aspects that the humanities intend to teach and research on range from language, culture and technology. It is meant to enable one work on imaging issues within the alienated areas of study. Humanities in this arena are meant to create awareness on the emerging areas like media, global studies and diversity. Learning humanities enables learners to acquire a communicative, analytic and even cultural knowledge. These areas of knowledge will act as a basis of thriving in all aspects of life.


Humanities in this article are described to contain what it means to be human. The article insists on the humanity being responsible over being creative and adaptable. It is this way that one is able to create understandability of humanity. Humanities do not teach any learner who he or she is. It works on the way that his or her identity is made-up. Comparatively the study of humanity does not bake students into becoming better wave and husbands or even citizens. The observable result is that it bakes people into becoming autonomous. The humanities are what I do to ensure that the learner acquires ample knowledge. This knowledge should go in pursuit with the use of senses.

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