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Published: 2021-06-27 04:10:04
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It is always a frustrating experience when my computer screen freezes, it takes too long to start up or it takes too long to open programs and perform simple tasks. The main causes are a fragmented hard disk, running heavy programs with little ram, too many temporary files and a full hard disk.
It is always important to defragment the computer’s hard disk if one wants to optimize computer speeds. This is because a fragmented hard disk takes a lot of time to find data and thus reduces my computer’s speed.

Today there are many programs and games that I want to install. These programs require a lot of ram and if my ram is little, say 256 MB, they slow down the computer. To remedy this, I have to delete those files or increase the ram of my computer so as to accommodate those files and games.

Sometimes the computer may have too many temporary files such as browsing history and cookies; these affect the computer speed by slowing it down. Frequently deleting browsing history and cookies will correct this problem.

When the hard disk is full or almost full the speed of the computer reduces. To remedy this, the files and programs that are not important need to be deleted or alternatively

I can increase the size of the hard disk if all the files are important.

In conclusion it is important to carry out maintenance activities such as defragmentation and deleting old files constantly so as to optimize computer speeds and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the computer.

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