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Published: 2021-07-10 00:15:05
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This chapter gives a conclusion to the book, explaining how events turned out. After the humans paired up, they are faced with the challenge of deciding whether to run away or participate in the plan of the Oankali. The option of running away is dangerous as it means they would possibly die on reaching earth. All humans turn against Lilith. In the events that follow, Joseph is caught and killed by one of the humans. This event was never predicted; not even the powerful Oankali could predict it.
Later, Lilith gets to discover that Nikanj, the Oankali so close to Lilith was injured and seriously needed Lilith’s help. Lilith’s move to help Nikanj depicts her as a traitor to humanity. The human view on her is severely tarnished. Because of this, Lilith felt alienated and distanced from humanity. Following the death of Joseph, Lilith, felts too distanced to side with humans. This raises questions as to where her loyalty should be; side with his fellow humans or the Oankali. Nevertheless, she has difficult choices to make.
Butler uses biblical references and creation narratives in this part of the novel. Lilith (protagonist) shares character to a character known as Lilith in the Jewish mythology (probably, Adam’s wife). This character Lilith is likened to misbehaved, ignored living a subservient life, moved out of Eden, had sex with an archangel and gave birth to a race of demons. The Lilith in Dawn constantly rejects human hierarchy to the extent that she fears for the worst. In an attempt to serve face, she is determined to fight against her role. According to her, quitting would mean serving as a ‘Judas goat’ towards her people, a similar way Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus. In subsequent events, she finds herself pregnant with the Oankali after being left by humans. At last, she makes a decision to go back with the Oankali t lead another human group.

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