The Role Of Power In The Health Care Organization Course Work Example

Published: 2021-06-25 11:50:05
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The use of power in an organization is very important. Power is very important in influencing the rest of the workers in an organization so that they may have one course of action as a whole unit. Power is useful in uniting the workers to a single action.

Power is also used as it establishes control of knowledge in an organization. However use of power is not acceptable when it creates problems in an organization and when it may interfere negatively with the objectives of the organization. Some of the unintended consequences of power use are creating poor relations between the workers and the management team. However, this use of power is considered a high risk since most of the times we cannot predict the whole outcome of the actions. The actions may be having more negative consequences than positive outcomes (Shortell, 1994).

A Negative Emotional Spiral in Hospital Human Resources

Being in Ryan’s position requires that one handles work related actions with very much caution. In handling Mary’s situation, I would have used good negotiating skills in handling such delicate matters like the satisfaction of an employee. First, I would have to make sure that Mary was without emotions in solving this case. If she relieved herself of emotions, we would then sit down and I would tell her my reasons for moving her to the said post. I would then ask her to say her desires then we would negotiate the way out (Shortell, 1994).

I have been in the same kind of situation before as an employee. In this case, I was employed in a firm in which the only position available was given to me even though it wasn’t what I wanted. I later quit the job since the supervisor would not understand my wants.


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