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Published: 2021-07-01 17:00:04
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This is the story of my journey in the vast abyss of the universe. I am a comet and I had been wandering alone in the dark and abysmal realm of space in search of my ultimate destination, a planet. However, I was not to be convinced with any planet for that matter, my goal was to reach one particular planet which would amaze me with its beauty and perfection.
At the advent of my journey, I was merely a lonely traveler in search of my destination. I wandered about the galaxies while I saw other comets flying past in immeasurable speeds as they had spotted their own planets and were eager to reach them. The finality of their mission and the futility of mine made me melancholy and envious at the same time. I plodded on, tying to engulf my misery in the tide of hope which still surfaced deep in my heart.
My wanderings were, however, not solely drenched in agony of not being able to spot my coveted planet. In this journey, I have been rewarded with such exquisite visual delights that I failed to stop the feeling of admiration from affecting me. I saw the celestial beings up close and that is when I realized how beautiful they were in their magnanimity. I flew past massive planets which are too enormous to fit into the limits of imagination. I saw the intricate creations, the galaxies, and their beauty and magnificence was breathtaking. I found my way through the plethora of entities which were aflame with a fire that never ceased to burn. They created a whole new world of wonder which affected me to such an extent that most of my journey was spent on marveling at these phenomenons. However, these wonderful experiences could not alleviate the anxiety that arose due to the lack of certainty, and this acted like a thorn and tormented me throughout my journey.
Just when I was at the brink of being submissive to my failure, a miracle happened. I spotted it in a distance and I knew at the first sight of it that it could be no other than my most coveted planet. It stood amidst a circle of other smaller entities, whose significance was greatly reduced by the stature of my planet. My planet shone like the morning star, adorned with the natural hues of red, orange and yellow, and its grandeur was so overpowering that it created a surge of excitement in my very soul.
I knew for certain that this is where I want to be, this is what I had been looking for all this while. The excitement of finding my planet motivated me to surpass the expectations that I had for myself and I rushed ahead with incredible speed and energy so as to reach the planet as soon as I possibly could. My onward flight was filled with the joy of finding my dream planet at last and I wanted to reap the rewards for my toilsome journey as quickly as I could.
Finally, I reached the planet and my arrival was rewarded with an insurmountable amount of happiness which I had never known before. The ecstasy of achieving my goal was such that I am still basking in its glory.

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