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Published: 2021-06-26 05:50:04
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Such unusual name belongs to an interesting place with an unusual nature and own history. New Jersey State Park named Double Trouble is located in Jersey Pine Barrens, or how it is called Pinelands, to the south of Toms River and north of Lacey Township, Ocean Country.
Pine Barrens is basically a rural underdeveloped area with cranberry farms and single packing plant. Here also works the Double Trouble Company, which was formed to sell timber, millwork products and cranberries. Local farmers have been cultivating cranberries here for a long time because of a high water table, which means that water is close to the land’s surface. Sawmill has been working here since 1700. Here you will find 14 structures restored from the late 1800s and early 1900s.
The park has several bike trails for those who love tourism. This is a great place for hunting. The land is known for its unusual flora and fauna. Here you can meet tree frogs and see pygmy pine trees, by which the Pinelands got its name. People tell a lot of mysterious stories and legends about the park. One of them tells that the Jersey Devil inhabits the Pine Barrens.
The park has an unusual name and it is interesting how it appeared. There are two legends which locals tell about it. One of them says that spring rains sometimes washed out Cedar Creek dam. One year the rains washed out two parts of the dam and one man Tomas Potter shouted “We’ve got double trouble”, so the name stuck. According to another legend muskrats gnawed through two parts of the dam, hence “We’ve got double trouble”. This is really intriguing how Double Trouble State Park got its name. It is not just stories and legends that could draw visitors, but its beauty and originality.
Some items that need to be followed up:
- What kinds of activities except hiking are available for tourists?
- Are there any guides who could show the park?
- What kind of souvenirs tourists can buy?

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