Television Industry History Annotated Bibliography Examples

Published: 2021-07-03 09:40:05
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Describe how NBC’s programming, economic incentives, business strategies, foreign and domestic distribution, and use of technology changed from 1980-2010.

Sherman, Ryland & Waterman David. “Technology and Competition in U.S. Television: Online vs Offline.” Indiana University (2013). Retrieved from:

This source tells about the technology use and how it has evolved during the years in television broadcasting. It would help in getting to know about what changes took place and how internet and advancement in technology improved the broadcasting.

Schechner, Sam. “No Longer ‘Must-See TV: Drop in Thursday's Prime-Time Viewing Could Cost Marketers Weekend Shoppers.’ Wall Street Journal (2010). Retrieved from:

This source would be helpful in providing the information about how television is losing its audience and what affects that would have on NBC and how the problem would be coped.

James, Meg. “NBC tacks on Telemundo oversight to Gaspin's tasks.” Los Angeles Times (2007). Retrieved from:

This source talks about how the change in the authority affected NBC and facing difficulties in attracting the large number of audience that it used to have.

Wemple, Erik. “NBC issues apology on Zimmerman tape screw-up.” Washington Post (2012). Retrieved from:

Television has evolved around the decades and it has become much easier to violate and screw laws during the production process that can take the matters in the court’s hands. This source talks about a certain mistake made by NBC, after which it apologized to the audience.

Sellers, Patricia. “Can Scott Sassa Revive NBC? Can Anyone?” CNN Money (1999). Retrieved from:

Change of authority is a common thing especially in television career. This source talks about Scott Sassa reviving NBC and whether he has the qualities to take NBC on the level that it was before.

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