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Published: 2021-06-27 10:05:05
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There’s a big debate about whether or not technology is good for humans. The truth about technology is that it is designed to make things easier for us, it is supposed to bring us together. However, too many people are taking it the wrong way, saying that it is destroying relationships, creating a gap between groups and it is making our youth less competent, among other negative complaints about the media. This paper will discuss the common misconceptions about the technology. It will include an in-depth analysis of each of the most common negative ideas people have about the technology. Here are the topics that will be discussed:
- Technology is promoting violence among children
- Technology is destroying relationships
- Technology is creating a wider gap between the rich and the poor
- Technology is destroying minds
Contrary to what most people believe, technology is actually necessary to harness human freedom. The problem is in the distribution and access of technology. Too many people are limited to what they can afford and are able to have. Nevertheless, technology is not a bane in this world. Technology does what it is meant to do – enhance the daily lives of the users who know how to properly utilize the devices and machines that they have.
The first argument is about how technology supposedly promotes violence among children. Many people believe that gaming consoles, the internet and television do nothing but rot the minds of our youth. Parents complain about violent games that create negative behavior in children. This is actually not technology’s fault. What technology does for children is help them improve their motor skills and it promotes cognitive thinking. This is especially true for those who enjoy playing video games. A child will sit in front of their television or computer trying to solve puzzles, reach higher levels and ultimately accomplish their goals in the game. If parents believe that a certain game is age inappropriate, then they should make it a point to censor what they believe should be. As their parents, they have a role in determining what their children should be exposed to. It is not fair that technology gets back-lashed as a whole because of one or two video games or television shows that they think are violent.
The second point is that technology is destroying relationships. This is far from true because technology is actually keeping relationships close. Now, you can live thousands of miles from your family members, yet still be able to speak to them on a daily basis. With social networking websites, mobile phones and online chat, we can stay connected with our friends and loved ones all day. Instead of destroying relationships, it is actually helping keep and build them. Have you ever called someone who was out of town just to say hi? If you have, then technology has helped you extend your love to someone who you were not physically close to.
A lot of people who think that technology is creating a gap between the rich and the poor do not understand the potential technology has to help those in developing countries. Technology is not limited to mobile phones, computers or tablets. Every day, scientists gather and try to come up with ways to help people who live in third world countries. For example, technology is helping people maintain a sustainable way of living. By being environmentally conscious, and using things such as electric powered cars, solar energy and other new technological inventions, we can reduce the emissions of GHG and actually help those who are most affected by climate change. These are the people who live in developing countries.
One of the longest on-going debates is how technology is said to destroy minds. People on smartphones, tablets and laptops have become “zombies”. They are stuck in the world of social media. Instant gratification has made a generation of non-thinkers. This is absolutely not true. Humans are adaptive beings. Just because the youth nowadays act in what is considered a “strange manner” as described by older generations, doesn’t mean that their minds are corrupted by technology. In fact, children these days are fast learners who are able to think fast, solve problems and find solutions through technology. There are five-year old children who know how to unlock and operate touch-screen computer tablets. If you look at this in a different light, it is actually amazing what the youth can achieve. Instead of destroying minds, technology is actually harnessing the potential of humans, and this can start at a very young age.
Technology is an amazing thing that many people take for granted. If you have ever used a computer, your mobile phone or any type of device at home or at work, then technology is actually making your life easier. Imagine having to type a report using a type-writer. Imagine having to walk to the nearest telephone booth to call your mom. Imagine not knowing about a certain event because the mail did not reach you on time. Instead of looking at how technology is actually making the little things a lot easier, people are too quick to generalize. As soon as you arrive home, you’ll turn the lights on, grab a snack from the fridge and maybe watch something on television. Immediately, these are three mundane things in your life that are considered “technology”. Technology is definitely our friend, and it is helping people harness their true potential.

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