Summer Heat In Ohio Creative Writing Example

Published: 2021-06-26 03:00:04
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Citizens of Winesburg, Ohio are exhausted by the sweltering heat this summer. For several days the temperature has been so high that you can fry an egg on the hot asphalt.
On the 15th of June the air temperature reached 98 Fahrenheit. It's close to a record high of 103 degrees, which was recorded in 1942. The average temperature for this time of year is 88 degrees, but for the fifth day in a row, thermometers indicate more than 90 degrees. The situation is complicated by dangerous heat index value of 105. This combination of air temperature and humidity leads to the fact that the human body can’t cool itself properly, so the risk of heat stroke is high.
People are hiding from the heat in their homes, seeking for cool of fans and air conditioners as being outside in this heat is dangerous. Meanwhile shops are profiting from the sale of air conditioning equipment. For those families, who have low income, fire departments issue fans. Fire hydrants opened on Main Street and on Oak Lane as an extra measure of citizens’ safety. Life in the city seems to stop because of this heat. Ms. Sherry Anderson – playground supervisor of the Maple Avenue playground, said: “I told the children they should go home, get inside, away from the sun. Or at least play in a shady area as the playground equipment is hot to the touch.”
According to forecasts the temperature is going to increase first. The heat of 100 degrees and 50% of humidity are expected on June 16&17. But relief is expected to come on June 18&19 with the cold front, producing thunderstorms and drop in temperature to mid 80s.
There is hope that the heat won’t last long and the undertaken measures will help people to get over adverse weather conditions.

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