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Published: 2021-06-27 09:15:04
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STEP is an acronym for Standardized Test for English Proficiency. This is a strategy that has been developed in unbiased manner with the aim of testing an individual’s proficiency level in proper use of English.
The STEP preparation course prepares a student in an extremely reliable manner for STEP examinations. This is done by providing the necessary skills required by the student during the exam. The student is mainly prepared for the structural part of English as a language. This means that The student has to be well prepared for main section of English language formation and development. These structural sections are Reading comprehensions making 40% of the test, structure makes 30%, listening comprehension makes 20%, and compositional Analysis makes 10%. STEP is usually developed by English language professors as well as experts native to a given region to sustain knowledge for local abilities and needs. This is a step to lower cultural and social bias and providing extensively appropriate tool to assist in objective assessment.
- The first objective is developing adequate skills for reading comprehensions. Reading comprehension is developed through excellent practice where the student is taught of fluent reading. He or she is also required to sustain meaning of a comprehension during the reading by ensuring proper pronunciation of words.
- The second component is to ensure sustenance of proper structures while developing comprehension. Excellent structure for a comprehension contains the introduction, body, and conclusion. Extremely fundamental in writing. This is achieved through excellent preparation by teachers through writing guidance by instructors.
- The third objective is nurturing excellent skills. This is achieved through development of outstanding comprehension listening skills. Usually, examples are given n form of comprehensions where the student is required to listen to others and make conclusions or highlight major elements in a comprehension.
- The fourth objective is development of excellent skills for compositional analysis. This is achieved through development of excellent listening and reading skills. A comprehension is developed by a flow of ideas. Therefore, an individual who is able to listen and read well will be able to identify the various elements that mount to excellent comprehension.
- The fifth objective is to nurture proficiency in various comprehensive skills. Instructors may identify unique skills in different students that may make them outstanding in English presentations. STEP aims at ensuring such students are well nurtured and none of them goes unnoticed and unappreciated for special skills.
- The sixth objective for STEP is to ensure sustenance of cultural and social standards of given people. STEP guidelines are usually developed through by professors and instructors from a given locality. This aims at ensuring that the practices outlined in STEP are not against the principles of that society.
Target Groups
- English language teachers who wish to acquire a certificate in English
- Individuals wishing to acquire a private sector job
The test takes place thrice per year. It is a multiple choice test type with each question consisting of four possible answers (A, B, C, D). The student is supposed to choose only the right answer. The total time allowed for the test is three hours.
Duration of the course
A student is supposed to be prepared for the test for four months.

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