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Published: 2021-07-04 12:00:04
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The article, ‘Special Education’ by Schroeder Ken is essential in understanding national perceptions of individuals on the reform efforts that have and are being made for the disabled students globally. This article mainly gives the findings from (NCEO) which is a National Center on Education Outcomes. It is evident that most of the states have given priority for students with disabilities as this is part of the legislation of educational reforms required by the NCEO. According to a survey carried out, there were thirty two states that had information based on students having disabilities and at the same time same students participation in the statewide assessments. There were only two states among the twenty interviewed that had opted to implement the reforms that the NCEO had projected for special education. For example, most of the States were recorded to be still lagging at the developmental stages and thus formal planning that would incorporate the needs for students requiring special attention in educational centers.
Reflection and recommendations
I highly recommend this article as it gives an in-depth analysis of the current condition of special education in most of the states in the United States of America. The surveys done have given an insight on the key areas that require a formal reinforcement in the special education sector, therefore, key areas should be given more attention so that most of the students needs are catered for. For example, there should be proper running stairways for the disabled students on wheels when accessing classes and the classes should be strategically placed in areas that are easily accessible. Although this may take time, schools should be in the process of modifying such structures. The curriculum for the students should also be made formal such that, all the students have an equal opportunity in participating in most of the activities that such students require for healthy developments.
There are numerous ways that these strategies of implementation can be tackled. First, governments have to set aside some money for this project for schools so as to develop the key areas that require special attention for special education. More so, there should be proper instruments like the blind requires special reading equipments, the crippled should be given desktops that cannot enhance the impact of disability. Special education should not only be offered in special schools, but it should be the aim of all the schools to promote special education by ensuring that there are proper structural functions that accommodate both the special needs students and regular students. This is to ensure that the students with special needs feel that they are not deformed and that they are still important to the society.
Schroeder, K. (2008). Special education. The Education Digest, 63(8), 75. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/218180731?accountid=458

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