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Published: 2021-06-27 11:00:04
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Social MediaThe article “Social Social media? Get serious! Understanding the
functional building blocks of social media” presents several interesting questions and points.
A. Questions
1. Since the article emphasizes how social media impacts an organization, it would be worthwhile to discuss further whether companies should now develop its own set of social media policies to serve as a guideline in using social media. In the same manner that corporations develop a Code of Ethics, is it necessary for them to develop a social media policy? This is an interesting question to ask because of the huge impact of social media on corporations nowadays.
2. Another question which one thought of reading through the article is who, in an organization, has the primary responsibility to oversee how social media is being used? This is a relevant question because the use of social media has its advantages and disadvantages that may greatly affect the company. For some companies, social media can either break or make them.
3. To what extent will social media affect an organization’s culture? Will social media bring about changes that may eventually affect the values and ethics of the employees and its management? Since social media affects relationships, share information and conversations, and focus on identities of people using it, it may have an undue influence on the organizational culture.
B. Interesting Points
1. It is interesting to learn that various social media have varying degrees of emphasis on the seven functional blocks. One considers this an interesting point because one is unaware of the reasons why different social media are used by different people or organizations.
2. Another point of interest in the article is the explanation of the 4 Cs, namely cognize, congruity, curate and chase. The importance of the 4 Cs in understanding the different social media activities is very significant in formulating strategies for using social media.
3. It is remarkable to know through the article, how various organizations view social media and how it is now part of their strategy formulation because of their view that it can positively work for their companies.
Kietzmann, J. H., Hermkens, K., McCarthy, I. P., & Silvestre, B. S. (2011). Social media? Get serious! Understanding the functional building blocks of social media. Business Horizons, 241-251.

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