Site-Specific Installation Artworks Promote Appreciation Of Contemporary Art Research Proposal Samples

Published: 2021-07-09 07:35:04
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- Introduction
This study seeks to determine how site-specific installation of artworks promotes appreciation of contemporary art. The study will focus on the following artists and their artworks: Richard Serra, Anish Kapoor, and Rachel Whiteread.
- Outline
Site-specific installation artworks by Richard Serra, Anish Kapoor, and Rachel Whiteread promote appreciation of contemporary art. This project seeks to showcase some of the artworks of these artists. The public shall then view them and give their feedback on the artworks displayed. Depending on how appealing a given artwork is, it is likely to influence how the consumers of contemporary art appreciate it. Prominent artists command a significant following and, for this reason, installation of their artworks is likely to convince non-believers that contemporary art is compelling.
Richard Serra
Richard Serra is an accomplished American sculptor and video artist. He has earned several awards including the President’s Medal given by the Architectural League of New York in 2014. This was the first time an artist had been given this prize (Pogrebin, n.p.).
Anish Kapoor
Rachel Whiteread
Rachel Whiteread is an English sculptor whose main work is to produce sculptures that have the form of casts. She was the first woman ever to win the annual Turner Prize in 1993. She has worked on various sculptures, including House, which have drawn admiration from all walks of life (Guggenheim Museum, n.p.).
- Conclusion
This project brings together prominent artists that have made a mark in the world of contemporary work. By showcasing their awe-provoking artworks, viewers will have an opportunity to sample the best pieces of art. This will be instrumental in convincing non-believers that contemporary art can be compelling.
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