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Published: 2021-06-24 07:45:04
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It is indeed true that the larger the sample size the more reliable the results. This is because the large size will increase the accuracy of the given research as most of the target population will be taken into consideration. The small sample size will imply very few individuals are considered thereby leading to biasness. The larger the sample sizes the higher the statistical power or accuracy. For instance when checking on the number of fish that have infection in a given pond, the more the fish you pick to study the more you might get a precise answer. The challenge here is maybe the fact that you will end up using and wasting a lot of the resources in this case the fish.

Internet is indeed a reliable source of data for any research. In fact from the internet you can access different related data on the same research topic from which you can select your most preferred. It also reduces the chances of inflicting the respondent’s freedom of privacy thus limiting biasness.The internet as a data source is also fast and easy when used by the trained. Time is not wasted on transport and marking of papers. The cost is also low given there is limited use of things like papers, pens and even fare to attend to the respondents. Also it is viable because these data could still be stored and used at a later time as opposed to paper data that may be worn out with time. The internet is thus a good source of data for most of the research.

A target population is that group of individuals that the researcher is interested in for his research. It is from this group that we find the sample to use in doing the research. The sample must have all the qualities found in the target population. The sampling frame on the other end is the source or locality from which the sample is withdrawn.

- Here the target population is the students who commute from home on a daily basis. The sampling frame would be the schools in which these students study within Chicago. This is because the students have all the information on whatever products their parents or maids use in cooking. Also, this is because it would be easier to access a larger sample size in schools rather than walking to every door to ask the questions. The schools have to be within Chicago because the study is confined within Chicago and not just anywhere in the United states.

- In case of a national chain store that needs to determine its customers shopping behavior, the appropriate target population would be the customers that purchase their goods from these chain stores using their store charge card. The sampling frame will then be the cashier points within these stores. This is where these customers would easily be accessed and they could fill the questionnaires as the cashiers are busy calculating the price of the goods that they have purchased. It is also at this point that you can easily identify those that are using cards and those that are using cash in buying their goods.

- For a local TV station that needs to determine its households watching habits and programming preferences, the target population would be the viewers within the country. This would imply the use of a broad channel of communication and hence the use of a television advert or questioning. The sampling frame would be the families within the country. The data would then be collected by text and thereafter analyzed to provide the information. This will give all the information that the researcher intends to achieve Instead of knocking at each door to get this information that seems to be tedious and expensive.

- For the local chapter of the American Marketing Association that needs to test the effectiveness of its new members drive within Atlanta, the target population will be people within Atlanta; this will include the male or female. The sampling frame would be in the offices of Atlanta, In which case the occupants of the offices will be asked to respond to the researcher if the new chapter has influenced their decisions in any positive manner. This is so because it is the employed people who tend to purchase things more often due to the availability of fund to them.

2.a) The manufacturer willing to do a survey to determine the demand potential for the power press would take his target population as the manufacturing companies within the country. The sampling frame would thus be the different industrial centers or colonies present within the country. This would enhance data collected from all the industrial regions that may tend to use the power press.

b) A simple random sample can be used in this sampling frame. This is by picking randomly any companies to ask or check on whether they are using the power press or not. Here there are no criteria on picking the companies or firms used for analysis.

c) Stratified sample would not be adequate since there is no clear arrangement or design in which these manufacturing companies are located. This thus means there will be no formulae used to pick on samples. This is thus a confirmation that stratified sampling will not be a reliable way of collecting the data.

d) Cluster sample however could be an adequate way of sampling. This is because the companies are normally grouped in regions. These regions could be used as clusters thus data from every single cluster would be a representative of the entire region. This thus is a good way of collecting data in this survey.

e) I would prefer to use the simple random sampling technique. This is because it gives all the companies an opportunity to be picked and will thus give a more elaborate view of the usage of the power press.

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