Selecting A Theory Or Model Course Work Example

Published: 2021-07-05 23:15:05
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Selecting a model is an extremely tricky art and requires exclusive skills as well as consideration of various factors. The characteristics of the model in practice are extremely crucial and they need to be subject to exclusive respect. One of the characteristics is confinement to the data under the research. The model must possess details on the research question. The setup of the model must be in a way that it shows its significance as a tool for considering the health intervention.

This means that the model should be suggestive of the use in which it should be put (Matthews, 2006).

The ability of a model to fit a heath intervention is defined by condition that the chosen model may have previously handled a similar case before. The reliable of the model in the past is significant is useful in defining its reliability in the present day. Also, the model chosen should show whether the previous methods had extensive impact on the topics under research. There should be the connection between the previous events in which the model had been used with the current ones.

Lastly, the methodology should resemble the health issue in several ways to make it reliable (Matthews, 2006).
The previous use of the methodology in health intervention is major concern when choosing a methodology for health intervention. The previous uses of the methodology are equally useful in defining its use in the current situation. Therefore, the history of the methodology should be a fundamental element to consider while making a choice on the most outstanding health intervention. The methodology used may have been repetitively used in health researches and may have proven its worth as a research tool (Yousefi-Nooraie, Rashidian, Keating & Chonstein, 2007).


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