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Published: 2021-07-04 06:25:05
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Not everyone agrees with genetic engineering, nonetheless it has made great stride and these are its benefits according to Ana Adams:

- Human insulin was developed from human instead of cows and sheep also the human growth hormone that was earlier obtained from cadavers. Read more at Buzzle:
- Some heart diseases and some autoimmune diseases benefit from gene therapy as the defective genes are replaced by healthy genes.
- Women who are pregnant can have their fetuses screened for genetic defects.
- It helps pharmaceuticals companies to find the right growth medicine for human growth from the cadavers
- DNA finger prints and determination of paternity.
- Use cloning to duplicate some organs and tissues.

The website, Xamplified reports that genetic engineering helps plants:

• By producing less harmful insecticides and pesticides to protect and speed up the growth of plants.
• Enhances minerals plants use, as a result, early exhaustion and fertility of soil is prevented.
• Post-harvest losses are reduced

In its twenty-five years reign, genetic engineering has made it mark on human plants and animals alike. I prefer to eat organic food, I just do not think that my food should be cloned or my fruits and vegetables should be scientifically enhanced, especially to grow faster. The days before genetic engineering fruits and vegetables were better tasting; for example, a tomato that is grown organically and one that with insecticide and pesticide or has its growth sped up look very different when they are cut; the one with the pesticide or insecticide is full of seeds and the naturally grown one is very meaty. I strongly believe that food is greatly compromised when they it genetically altered.

Everything that is genetically engineered changed is not on par with the origin; however, having an organ or tissue reformed is better than having no organ or tissue at all.


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