Sample Case Study On Performance Management

Published: 2021-07-10 08:00:04
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Documenting of performance in our company is done through the performance appraisals to the employees who have contributed positively towards the achievement of the company goals. The employees get work promotions and, it automatically results to salary increases. There was a time I was to participate in a formal structured feedback session. There was to be an informal meeting to discuss the plights of most of the employees. The feedback was supposed to cover the reasons for the reduced production rate among the employees. The outcomes were salary increase among all the employees and, it was well received. However, the process would be improved by involving all the employees. It helps them develop a sense of belonging hence, able to put the company goals before everything else in the organization.
Being part of the management in Westerway oil, there were several approaches to implement. To improve the performance of the crew of the ship, the remunerations have to be considered. Poor remunerations end up demotivating the employees thus the poor quality of work done. To establish a culture of excellence, the crew ought to be provided with ethical values of the company and adequate training. The poor performers could either be given the first warning failure to which they can be forced to use of performance appraisals to pose a challenge to the non-performers.
Conducting the performance management entails;
Holding informal meetings with the staff responsible for receiving and paying cash is the main thing. They would then discuss the issue in the department shedding light on the disparities. Develop improvement plans to avoid the repetition of the same mistakes. Performance appraisals could be used to separate the performing staff from the non-performers.
Training staff to understand the performance management process includes;
Conducting physical trainings where the employees meet physically with the trainer to be able to get direct answers to their questions, cooperative online training and tutoring from the experts in performance management process.
Ongoing monitoring and evaluation involves;
Using the feedback from the staff to improve on the systems could help greatly. The use of abrupt reviews and meeting could be incorporated as it keeps the employees on toes since; they have no idea when the will be inspected.

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