Sample Case Study On Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room

Published: 2021-07-07 05:25:05
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Madoff was an American who was found guilty of fraud. He was in charge of a Ponzi scheme in the United States. The scheme is known to be one of the biggest financial fraud that ever happened in the United States of America. Madoff through his firm, Madoff Investment Securities, which bypassed other firms through making orders directly over the counter by making use of its retail brokers.
Those that assisted him in the fraud crimes included his close relations who he employed at his firm, Madoff Investment securities. He employed his brother and two sons as well as the daughter to his brother peter. Among the major warning signs of Madoff’s fraudulent actions included the retreat and bankruptcy of investors who were greatly affected by the impact of the Ponzi scheme.
Enron is one of the largest firms based in the United States of America employing over 21000 members of staff working on behalf of the company in more than 40 nations around the world. However, Enron’s success later turned out to engage in an intricate scam. The Enron Company was discovered to have been giving false information about its profits. It was also involved in dappled dealing; it did not disclose its debts so that they ended you not being reflected in other companies’ accounts.
As a result of the elaborate scandal by Enron, warning signs showed up leading to the deception beginning to unfold. The investors as well as creditors retreated following the beginning of the deception unfolding. The company therefore ran bankruptcy eventually leading to the revelation of the whole scam. Among the parties involved primarily in the scandal included the firm’s top executive officials especially the accounting department.
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