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Published: 2021-07-02 12:45:04
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Statement of work
We intend to construct a mediation pool and platform for the customer before 22nd April, 2014 at a suitable place within his property and here are the procedures we intend to follow while carrying out this activity.
- Since mediation place needs to be quiet, calm, soothing and peaceful, we intend to visit the property in order to determine the most appropriate position to set up the pool and platform.
- We intent to verify if the pool and platform dimensions needed by the client can fit well within his property.
- We intend to verify the availability and prices of materials specified by the client.
Project description and project product
- The customer has requested a 4meter by 6meter pool with 2.5meters as the deepest end and 1meter as the shallow end.
- The customer has also requested a 4meters by 4meters wooden mediation platform with a shade.
Project deliverables
- A 4 meter by 6meter mediation pool with 2.5meters as the deepest end and 1meter as the shallow end.
- A 4meters by 4meters wooden mediation platform (well polished with clear polish and surrounded by top quality 1 feet by 1 feet ceramic tiles)
- A 2 meter tall shade over the mediation platform constructed by three inch by three inch mahogany wood
Project objectives
- We intend to construct a mediation pool and platform at a cost not exceeding $2,500.
- The project is intended to be complete before 22nd April, 2014.
- The quality of the mediation pool and platform is intended to meet the standards of ancient Chinese mediation platforms and pools.
Project assumptions
- Permits for constructing pool and platform approved
- Electrical inspections approved
- Plumbing inspections passed
- Mechanical inspections passed
- The premise of the client meets local building codes
Project constraints
- The client specified Mahogany wood for the platform and its shade but the woods are not easily available and thus could be challenging to obtain
- Having mediation places in homes is not an acceptable culture in the present societies and hence we are not certain of how our project will be perceived by neighbors.
- The mediation pool and platform will be constructed according to the blueprints provided by the client.
- We as the contractors will reserve the right to outsource equipment and subcontract services.
- Contractor will be responsible for the subcontracted work.
- Water supply for the pool is not included as part of the deliverables provided by contractor.
- The work on the site is limited to weekdays 0800 hours to 1800 hours.
Acceptance criteria
- The pool must be able to receive fresh water from an inlet and discharge waste water through an outlet for the project to be acceptable by the customer.
- The paint on the platform must be dry for it to be accepted by the client.
- The platform must have a shade in order to be accepted by the client.
Technical requirement
- The pool must meet standard regulations of depth.
- The platform and the pool must meet standard environmental regulations.

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