Sample Business Plan On Education

Published: 2021-06-30 07:40:04
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Stone Ranch foundation seeks to help the children in California to get better education across all the grades. The current changing world in technology needs proper education in the use of the technology, physical wellbeing and other aspects of individuals’ lifestyles. A well-rounded education benefits the students in that they can fit in any part of the world.
The organization offers support to teachers by provision of teaching aids which leads to better learning. They also support in credentialed reading and math which impacts to the teachers’ mode of teaching. The organization offer support in physical education program, computer resource assistant, compass learning, enrichment of programs such as the Trailblazer TV and also offer grants to carry out research in area which are identified as needy.
The unique activity that the Stone ranch foundation does is to support the students in technology, compass reading and physical education as well as the grant that supports the day to day needy sections that seeks to seal all loopholes in the education. The continued research fund is unique in that it shall offer the best grounds for making any policy on the education of the children which shall eventually lead to a well-rounded product of the education system.
The foundation is funded by well-wishers from all over the world and has a well-established websites which articulates its activities and progress. Anima Mundi Development Partners shall have a lot of gains from partnering with the Stone Ranch foundations. The Stone Ranch foundation targets the young children who are been prepared for the future economic growth of the country. Therefore the fund that the Anima Mundi Development Partners shall provide shall help in molding of the children to better their education to produce world class students/pupils. This is in technology, physical education among other areas. The fund shall also help in research that shall offer the best policies that concerns the children. The community shall benefit if they get students who are aware of the critical importance of their physical wellbeing and some may even realize talents from the physical education supported by the stone Ranch foundation. The brand name and activities of Anima Mundi Development Partners shall also be appreciated by the society by funding this foundation.

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