Reasons For Wishing To Study At The Faculty Of Liberal Arts Of Sophia Admission Essay Samples

Published: 2021-06-30 06:25:05
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Application for Admission
I have always wished to study in an interactive environment with students from diverse cultural backgrounds. Developing interest in liberal arts to me is a natural process I believe relates to my philanthropic nature. I have always lived in culturally diverse neighborhoods, especially in Hawaii, where I was surrounded with many mixed cultures. During my elementary education, I stayed in Japan for six years. I loved the Japanese culture, and the interaction with my culturally diverse neighbors greatly inspired my career path. I believe that Faculty of Liberal Arts of Sophia is the best place to develop my career because the Moto and the mission of the school coincide with my educational and my social requirements.
I have grown up in a religious setting that has helped me develop social values that I believe will help me develop my career in Faculty of Liberal Arts of Sophia. Apart from educational development, Faculty of Liberal Arts of Sophia helps the learners to get religious development through the Catholic spiritual formation, which I want to pursue at the University. According the message from the president, he indicates that the University transforms students into active participants in the solutions of global issues such as poverty, starvation, environment, and discrimination as well as pursues their career goals. I have learned about the challenges that different societies face through personal observations as well as studies form established research findings and realized the need to participate in eliminating these challenges. This is the ideal environment where I believe I should develop my liberal arts career.
The combination of a broad liberal arts education at Sophia that specializes on the disciplinary focus in comparative culture, International Business and economics, and social studies, all help in developing the personality that I have desired to be. I am glad to learn that the University offers liberal arts educational programs in a variety of languages. However, I have proficient speaking and writing skills in Japanese, English, and Chinese languages, which I believe that would help me learn in different environments as I interact with the students from different languages.
I must confess that during my six-year stay in Japan as an elementary school student, I loved the Japanese environment, and has ever since loved to return to continue with my adventure. As I am interested in conducting research, I believe that my love for the culture, as well as the school’s good reputation in research would be potential benefits to my career. I understand that the university conducts research and education activities according to the Jesuit spirit and accords importance to caring for and thinking about the needs of other people in a humanistic way as well as discovering individual interaction. I would wish to get an opportunity to study at the Faculty of Liberal Arts of Sophia so that I could learn the principles of caring for humanity, which has always been my dream.
I have never failed in my responsibilities in education and my entire career development. I have always been in the forefront in embracing oneness in diversity in the different culturally diverse neighborhoods I have lived in them. With these attributes of success, I am confident that I would interact with the students at the Faculty of Liberal Arts of Sophia and the Japanese society to produce the best of the expectations of the institution. If my application meets your consideration, gaining my bachelor’s degree and subsequent educational attainments from the Faculty of Liberal Arts of Sophia will not only give me the knowledge and skills to achieve my career goals, but will also help me carry the banner of the University and demonstrate admirable attributes admirable by all students and administration.
Thanks for your consideration.

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