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Published: 2021-06-26 12:30:03
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Any development program comes with its own challenges. Before establishing an investment, there is needed to look at the effects that the development will have on the society. Putting all the factors into consideration will assist an investor to make a considerate decision. Some of the challenges can be on short term while others are experienced even in the long run.

Question 1

Construction of the private prison comes with its advantages and advantages. It is expected that the prison will be able to generate revenue that people will use in the development of the community. The prison will also lead to improvement of facilities such as the roads leading to the area as well as create employment. This is a significant economic boost since it is an indicator of economic growth. Lot of people who have been jobless will now have a source of income from working in the prison. These are some of the positive economic steps that the prison will have on the community; however, there still remains one challenge.

It is not worth to invest so much in a private prison and employee all qualified security workers. This leaves the community prone to insecurity. This being a private prison, the government will have to pay if it sentences it criminals for a jail term there. Employing all the qualified security workers and leaving no qualified security work force in the town is a selfish move.

The prison will only benefit a few individuals who have invested in it and leave the rest in an insecure town. This will scare even investors who would wish to invest in the town since nobody would risk investing in an insecure environment. With insecurity on the rise, people will lose more than they will gain from the prison. Security is a key indicator of economic growth, and unless it is properly handled, the town will not benefit much. Criminals will take advantage of the low number of security officers and the town will be under threat of criminal attacks. People who live in fear of insecurity cannot be able to economically develop in the long run. Insecurity will always pull back the economic growth in the town.

Question 2

The situation can however bring some benefits to the other neighboring towns. The law enforcers in the town can outsource for qualified employees from the other towns. This will create integration of workers from different areas as well as create employment for this people. Employment cannot just focus on one area, whereas there are other qualified people in nearby areas. The issue also poses a challenge to the people in the community. It is a wakeup call for people to increase the number of people trained in security enforcement.

This can act as a long term solution that can promote to further economic development (Bell & William 53). Since the prison is privately owned, it can start its own training programs to train security personnel who will work in the town. This will create training opportunities for the members of the society. The guards also working in the prison should not just specialize in the prison area. This being a private prison, it should consider the overall social welfare; the guards should assist in providing security services within the town. A share of the revenue from the prison can be used in enhancing the security levels within the town(Albrecht,James & Das 84).

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