Point Of View Creative Writing Examples

Published: 2021-06-23 05:30:05
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Selected Scene
When I asked my best friend, Jimmy, to check on the essay I have written for the literature assignment. Thus, the two characters would be Character A, the narrator, talking in the first person point of view; and Character B, Jimmy, would describe the scene from the third person point of view.
The Scene from Character A’s Point of View
I was confident that the literary work I have written was exemplary. I was confident that even Jimmy, best friend Jimmy, will be impressed too with this piece of work. I imagined the flattery words and commendation bursting from his lips. I decided to show him my essay for his review. He was more than happy to accommodate my request; in fact, he said he was greatly honored. After reading through the essay, I was not prepared to see his reaction. He meekly and humbly acknowledged that it was obvious that I am gifted in writing but that I needed to polish my writing skills before my essay can be finally rated as ‘breath-taking’. He even offered his unselfish assistance. Secretly, I was angry with Jimmy for being brutally frank with me. Surely for a best friend, he ought to be flattering. I immediately switched my seating position in class and decided never again to talk to him about anything. But my plans immediately changed and I could not ignore the errors that Jimmy had pointed out were all validly supported.
The Scene from Character B’s Point of View
She was beaming confidently as she held her essay in her hands. She approached and sought one’s advice through commenting on what she had written. As her best friend, one was more than happy and even honored to accommodate her request. As one browsed through the essay, it could be acknowledged that the overall structure and content were actually above average. However, there were minor corrections that need to be addressed. Likewise, the style could still be improved. One humbly relayed these comments and asserted that she actually manifested a gift in writing; but she needed to polish her writing skills before the essay could be rated as ‘breath-taking’. One saw the disappointment in her face – it is as if one would have wanted to take back what has been said. She turned her back and went silent for a while. In a few moments, she again inquired on reiterating the errors that need to be addressed. What a relief!

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