Personal Statement On Education Leadership

Published: 2021-07-10 21:45:05
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After reflecting on my accomplishments, and identifying the significance of effective leadership, my zeal to lead has enabled recognition of elements of proper leadership. An effective leader involves all members by assisting them feel as part of the defined goals, and integrating their opinions on the final policies. The leader has clear attainable goals, well organized, and stays on top of details throughout the mission. In addition, th leader takes on some tasks to set examples, and motivate the followers. An effective leader also strives to be courteous, encouraging, and enthusiastic.
As a result of being involved in different leadership aspects, I have realized some of my unidentified potentials. I have learnt that achievements result from simulated simple steps through ensuring a consideration of all concepts and principles that define proper leadership. I have learnt that leadership results from persistence from different views, opinions, and diversities. My new goals for leadership through the Masters degree are mentoring, helping new aspirants to serve on board, and inclusivity in creation of organizational models that are useful for future leadership.
The areas that I intend to concentrate on are on development of new system application tools that match with the modern technological requirements. One application that comes on my mind is the use of information systems in leadership and decision making. Perhaps this will start by organizing the materials, and information systems that are readily available in developing new systems.
While my involvements with leadership have enabled my familiarity with technology and leadership, achieving a higher status of competence would enhance leadership for education and institution endeavors. I feel confident and optimistic that with this degree, I will be capable of producing models that fit different leadership styles that are needed by the modern society.

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