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Published: 2021-06-27 02:05:04
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In today’s time and era, nothing goes a long way in the most simplistic of fashions in terms of beauty and even social status as well as a perfectly scented perfume. The perfume one puts on designates her preference and may even shed a little light to ones character. Strong and bold women who are always in control tend to have large personalities while the same cannot be said for women who are laid back and a little reserved. It is in this light that I present to you my perfume collection, Her Grace.
Her Grace is a line that most women will find to be appealing to them in all kinds of situations and ranging from the various conditions and situations.

My perfume collection comes in two basic major sub plots. First is the Pure Perfume department and the next is the Perfumedeo Department. The Pure Perfume Department classifies perfumes that are purely used for nothing other than adding gracious scent to clothes. The Other Perfumedeo is more or less used for its heavenly scent on clothes as well as acting as a twenty four hour deodorant. The first category-Pure Perfume has a number of brands that are classified under it. They are Aqua, Spring Break, Le’Quip and Coupé. Aqua has a strong morning dew scent. Spring Break has a minty scent associated with it. Le’ Quip is associated with raspberry scent while Coupé goes a long way to show the unique scent linked with the rare and traditional Arabian perfumes. The above classes also fall into the Perfumedeo class with the addition of an extra brand. Dyer. This last brand has been scented with apricot leaves and together with= the previous brands in this category act as deodorants aside from the usual perfumes.

The market size in the perfume industry is one that is continuously growing and in an upward trajectory. Never before has societies from all walks of life embraced the significance of proper grooming and personal appearance. In an age where proper hygiene is associated with a good body odor, the perfume industry grows by the day. This has been handed a further boost by the metro sexual age we are currently living in. Men from all walks of life, gay or not tend to be increasingly inclined towards the use of body sprays and colognes. The markets in previously untapped areas in Asia in countries such as China and Japan has seen them become areas of key focus from international players. These are some of the target markets that my brand Her Grace will be seeking to target as well as the teenage and youth markets. It is further projected that by 2018, the perfumes market will reach an estimated $45.6 billion. If Her Grace strategically positions herself I will be able to have a noteworthy chunk of that sum.

All of Her Grace’s products will come bottled in 150ml glass bottles that are recyclable. The Pure Perfume products will go for as little as $10 a bottle. Aqua is packaged in a light blue crystal cubed bottle. Spring Break is packaged in a pink cubed bottle with orange leaves drawn at its side. Le’Quip is in a purple cubed bottle with a kiss mark drawn at its side. Coupé is finally contained in a black cubed bottle with little stars all over the bottle. Unlike other perfumes it is fairly cheap considering the quality it has to offer. This is because research shows that the average price for perfumes in stores is approximately $8 for the same amount of fragrance. The other class in Her Grace’s tabloid is the Perfumedeo. This sells at a slightly higher price due to the added deodorant feature. Considering this, its price is still fairly low at just $13 per bottle of 150ml of fragrance.

Aside from these exceptional features that my brand has to offer, there are also discounts and offers that are available to loyal customers. For every bottle of Her Grace that is purchased, customers receive 5 points. After or upon accumulating 100 points he or she is able to choose a Pure Perfume of his or her choice. On reaching 120 points, the same goes for Perfumedeo products. Aside from this, Her Grace also has another exceptional offer. In every outlet that I supply my fragrance products, for every # products bought of the same class-either Pure Perfume or Perfumed, he or she gets another for absolutely free. There is also free transportation for anyone purchasing two or more cartons of Her Grace’s perfumes. One carton contains 10 bottles of Her Grace perfumes. With its one of a kind deodorant plus perfume feature,

Her Grace is revolutionizing the Fragrance industry and saving both time and money for its esteemed customers.
Her Grace is a ticking global brand and will soon be unrivalled in the world of Fragrance. Its dual class is just but a gate way for the potential it contains for bigger and better things to come.


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