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Published: 2021-06-29 16:10:06
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Paraphilia is a psychiatric problem that is typified by insidious pattern of abnormal as well as impaired sexual imaginations or behaviors or probably both. Apart from being psychological, Paraphilia is a legal as well as social issue and has been emerged as a concern before the society. This paper intends to discuss paraphilia, its causes and solutions along with discussing other related aspects.

More than a dozen kinds of Paraphilia have been recognized by the psychologists and doctors and some of them are- Abasiophilia, Algolagnia, Acrotomophilia, Agalmatophilia, Anililagnia, Andromimetophilia, Autoandrophilia, Raptophilia, Somnophilia, Transvestophilia, Sophophilia and Salirophilia. Causes of paraphilia differ according to type of paraphilia. Cognitive behavior therapy considers this a problem that is caused by over imagining about sex. Family, social and developmental conditions also play significant role in developing such psychological disorders.

Psychologists and health experts have failed in finding any cure of paraphilia but above mentioned psychological conditions can be somehow controlled by exercising a multimodal method of cure. Several pharmacological as well as Psychotherapeutic methods are used in order to treat this disorder along with some medications like Leuprolide acetate that has been extensively used by doctors to reduce paraphilic conditions in patients. Data, achieved by research suggest some interesting and eerie picture of this problem. paraphilia in men is more than women and victims are usually young aged females. People, suffering from paraphilia, are sadistic and enjoy exhibitionism. Pedophiles do not differentiate in separating males and females (Kafka, 2001).


Kafka, M. P. (2001). The Paraphilia-Related Disorders: A Proposal for a Unified Classification of Nonparaphilic Hypersexuality Disorders. Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity: The Journal of Treatment & Prevention, 8(3) , 227-239.

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