Oroonoko, The Modern Slave Of Capitalism Creative Writing Samples

Published: 2021-07-02 21:00:04
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While visiting the sweatshop in Accra, which belong to one of his business partners, Ghana President’s nephew saw Imoida as she was minding her business sewing buttons for masculine jackets. As he glanced the beautiful sewing girl, the President’s nephew, Oroonoko, was blurred. He starred at her as if he was asking himself “how did the Queen of the Night end up working in a sweatshop?” He asked his friend who owned the sweatshop for a personal favor, requiring choosing a girl from his employees, pretending that he needed a new maid for his Accra residence, where he lived with his grandfather. Grateful to repay him for the economic incentives that he enjoyed while opening his fashion factory in Accra, Oroonoko’s friend agreed to let him choose one girl to be his future maid. He was quite disappointed when Oroonoko chose Imoida, because he was found of her, considering her a hard working girl and a beautiful woman with whom he often fantasized of possessing her. Nevertheless, the next day, Imoida started working for the President’s house, being personally greeted by Oroonoko. She understood that this was a big chance for her to earn more and to help her family and she embraced the opportunity that she received. In the beginning she disliked Oroonoko’s attention, considering him her employer only. She felt embarrassed when Oroonoko showed interest in her, because she could see the envy of the other maids for being much more appreciated than they were. The male servers from the house were also drowned to Imoida’s natural charms and by her modesty.
While Imoida was, as usual, focused on properly accomplishing her duties, Oroonoko’s passion for her grew daily. The young woman would nevertheless avoid her patron, refusing to respond to his advances. Seeing Imoida’s lack of interest for becoming involved in any way with him, Oroonoko did not want to force her into anything, so he planned to make her interested in him, without him courting her. Day after day Imoida started to know better her young employer. Seeing him up straight and firm in the political issues and kind and vulnerable in the social aspects, trying to make Ghana a better place, seeing him elegant and casual, wearing a refined perfume enrooted in his sturdy attitude, Imoida started to fall in love with him.
She would still avoid his presence, this time because she was too shy to show her feelings. Oroonoko noticed this change in attitude and proposed to take her home after work. Being ashamed with her modest home, she accepted his proposal, but asked him to take her to another address, where a wealthier friend of her lived. They started this courtship dance that lasted for about one week, until Oroonoko kissed her, declared his love for her and asked her to marry him. Crazy with joy, Imoida accepted, and letting herself free to her desire of physically uniting with him, they made passionate love and Imoida lost her virginity to Oroonoko. She promised him that she will wait for his return, as he was planning to go on a business trip the second day. The destination was United States of America, where there was organized a council for debating the poverty caused by terrorism in the African countries.
The next day she reached the President’s house, the President’s nephew was away, but his grandfather, the President himself was home, returning from a long vacation in Europe. When seeing Imoida in his home he did not care to understand how she got there, but he requested to see her in his office. He asked for her name and several small questions and he made advances on her, proposing a higher salary in return for allowing him to enjoy her natural charm and beauty.
Knowing the power and influence of the President, the young woman was shocked and could not react in any way. She started crying when the old man begun to touch her and she silently wiped saying that she already promised to marry another man. Obfuscated by her confession, he asked to be removed from her position. Soon he found out that she promised to marry his grandson. The old man disapproved his grandson politics and did not want him as the future President of Ghana, to conduct a populist politics, since Oroonoko was interested in making all efforts for increasing the standard of living in his country. This was an opportunity for his grandfather to counterattack Oroonoko and his politics.
While Oroonoko was still in United States of America, his grandfather bribed the local media from Ghana and orchestrated local events, which indicated that Oroonoko supported the terrorism in Ghana and collaborated with terrorist groups from other African countries, alongside his partner permeated among the poor, Imoida.
Oroonoko was arrested in United States and Imoida was captured in Ghana and sent to U.S. for facing a trial, being both judged for crimes against the humanity. The American officials did not look too much into the story served by Ghana’s President, because they needed a scapegoat to be punished for the African terrorism, showing the world the supremacy of U.S. in the fight against terrorism. As such, Oroonoko and Imoida were charged with crimes against humanity and sentenced to death. Imoida was pregnant with Oroonoko’s child and seeing how the guards were looking at her, she knew that she would be the victim of constant rapes until she would face death. Because she did not want anybody else to touch her except Oroonoko, she committed suicide. Oroonoko took the news with calm, knowing that it was the best thing that his lover could have done. However, before he was executed, Oroonoko unmasked his grandfather. He received a movie from his loyal collaborators, with his grandfather trying to allure Imoida and bribing media to make Oroonoko look as the head of terrorism. An African guard who knew the real political intentions of Oroonoko allowed him his personal smartphone and Oroonoko posted the evidences on the social networking websites, showing how his grandfather orchestrated the death of his grandson and of an innocent woman, after she neglected his advances.

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