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Published: 2021-07-04 07:35:04
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Question 1) The article provides several quotes from family members and public figures describing the event with strong negative language. However, the nursing home admits that it approved the decision, and at least one nurse insists that it was done “in good faith." How does the author's tone, language, and quote choice shape the reader's overall perception of the event?

As noted in the first analysis, the author is openly biased on the whole issue. He/she seems to be sympathetic with the complainant without giving enough information on the whole matter and the detailed explanation as given by the institution and the staff members on the ground. There was an approval from a 16-member panel of residents within the institution. Most of these elderly citizens are senile and may have some mental conditions. Manipulation of their decisions from people they trust is easy, and the institution claims that they work well and closely with a lot.

The author chooses not to indulge the reader with full details of what went on and gives the reader only a scoop of the event that is biased and one sided. The exclusion of these details by the author regarding the mental stability of the 16 member panel that made the unanimous decision to hire a stripper for entertainment, results in the reader empathizing with the complainant. The whole group could be mentally stable for all we know but the author does not clarify this in the article and does not even provide a slight clue. The author starts by citing that the complainant is mentally unstable diagnosed with partial dementia. The author then brings in the issue of the panel of “judges” leaving the reader to fill in the gap.

This influences the reader to think that the lot was also manipulated into passing the issue since, as the director puts it, they are all consenting adults.Question 3) Attorneys defending the nursing home claim that Mrs. Youngblood was brought down to the event by her son's live-in girlfriend. However, Mrs. Youngblood's son insists that a woman is a staff member, not his girlfriend. This detail has the potential to be substantial in the outcome of the case, yet is mentioned only briefly in both the video clip and the written article. Does the absence of further investigation or discussion convey anything about CBS's stance on the issue, and subsequently how the station wants readers to perceive the issue?

The article raises a lot of questions on its agenda. So much information is missing from the story given and the author seems to have made up their mind that the institution is liable for mistreatment and immoral acts on an elderly African American senior citizen. It is possible that the complainant was brought to the event by the girlfriend and prospective daughter in law. However, a lot of information is missing for instance the credibility of this accusation. The author seems to have intentionally omitted this part in a bid to convince the reader that the institution should be found liable and in offence of the matter. The details surrounding the issue of the girlfriend could prove many things, for example, the credibility of Mr. Youngblood who claims he had nothing to do with the purported “girlfriend” and the institutions claim on the same. CBS seems to have made a biased stand on the matter as there’s no probing on the lack of detail for this crucial part of the event. The station also seems to be pushing the reader to believe what they want in the issue through intentional withholding of crucial information.

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