Normalcy And The New Deal Course Work

Published: 2021-07-05 21:20:06
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How did American society change in the two decades after the First World War?

After the First World War, the American changed in many ways. The industries were producing abundantly at an increasing rate. The different inventions made the home life for women easier and much enjoyable for men. The demand of consumer products and goods increased and working individuals paid wages increased; however, the need for other things made impossible for families to have enough money to survive for living. The road systems were expanded, television became commonplace in homes, and the general prosperity of the American increased. Not only the economic aspect changed, the beliefs changed as it were used as rules obeyed in the family and took in another direction. The husbands and wives were more affectionate with each other in public places that were inappropriate before WWII.

How did the federal government change in response to those changes?

Most Americans had lived under many restrictions during the WWII. For example, the federal government had controlled many things like shipping, railroads, and production in the industry. However, after the WWII, these restrictions lifted gently and industries started manufacturing products for peacetime economy.

How did the American people respond to the changing role of the federal government?

The American people questioned the changes made by the Federal Government of the United States. The role changes and a well thought out definitions and parameters established.

How did the New Deal change over time what alternatives were offered to it?

It was the expanded government extension in the new areas of social and economic affairs and more assistance on social agencies at the national level. The relationship between the people and the national government changed drastically. The government has its greater role in the everyday lives, socially and economically.

Which groups benefited or suffered most from these changes?

The people who benefitted the most were the elderly, racial minorities, and unemployed.
Should this period be regarded as having represented a revolutionary moment in American history?
Yes, the period represented its revolutionary moment in the American history and linked with the different Women developments such as providing their rights in the society as equally treated as men.


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