Nickel And Dimed Db1 - Peer Reply Creative Writing Example

Published: 2021-06-22 15:50:04
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Hello Lloyd, I have a similar question about how we can as a nation raise minimum pay for us and especially for the poor workers. It is absolutely true that those individuals who actually come from dynasties, who are educated, or who own businesses do not make minimum wage. This means that the rich do not make minimum wage as you have stated. The people who are affected are the working poor.
For that reason, I think that it is impossible for us to raise minimum wage for the poor because the poor who face challenges that result from low pay do not have power to change their situation. The author in “Nickel and Dimed” has explained how the working poor lacks power to fight for better pay as they are not allowed to form unions that offer better mechanisms to demand for increase in minimum pay.
It is correct that managers in each company make more than minimum pay. It is also true that many individuals work for the companies which do not even offer minimum wage. This means that these workers are still poorly paid despite the requirement by the law for all employers to raise minimum wage for their workers. I believe that the reason why this happens is because there are no proper mechanisms in place that these workers can use to demand for the increase in minimum wage.
I also accessed website and saw that forum where the factory workers are paid lower than $8 per hour. This is absolutely wrong and illegal since the law requires all the workers to get minimum wage. Thus, these factories are going against the law hence there is a great need for the concerned authorities to take action.

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