My Pursuit Of A Degree In Political Science Admission Essay Example

Published: 2021-06-26 23:35:05
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There has always been an urge for me to learn about different political structures and how political decisions are made. Political science is a major interest, because going to school in Tehran and the going to the Strayer University I learned about completely different governmental infrastructures. This has only led to feed my urge to know and learn more about political science.
In Iran, the political style is is a mixture of theocracy and democracy. It can be very confusing to an outsider, because some officials are elected, while others are appointed by a specific person. This causes a lot of issue with different political decisions being made, because there are too many branches involved.
In the United States, I learned about the bipartisan system and the democratic structure that is used. There are two main parties, which are the Democrats and Republicans, and there are candidates for various political positions. The country is run by the Senate and House, which is known as Congress, and the president.
The majority of bills are also voted on by the people and not just by the elected officials. These and other aspects have me interested in learning about everything that makes the political philosophies that are adhered to today. One interesting person that I have been reading about in the news is Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. He holds the political philosophy that he is there do what he was elected to do, and he does not care about making friends with other Senators.
Hearing about his opinions make me interested to learn even more about the way political beliefs, ideals, and laws are influenced. I feel that my knowledge of the mixed politics in Iran and the United State’s political system, I find that it makes me want to push to get every bit of information on the subject. Thank you for this opportunity, as I feel that I will be a able to fulfill all of my political science goals and my goals pertaining to my future career.
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