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Published: 2021-07-10 18:15:04
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As an undergraduate at the University of Washington, I have inspiring academic endeavors. My current goal, thereby, is to apply for an internship to a neuro research facility at the Allen Institute of Brain Science. My passion for neurobiology fueled my desire to acquire the valuable skills and know-how during the internship. Being an undergraduate researcher, I am also a skilled musician, who has been playing the piano since 11 years of age, a trumpet in a brass band, and an accordion for singing groups. When I was attending elementary school in Ukraine, I began to develop an appreciation for classical music. This appreciation for music, later on, grew into a fascination with science that offered new and unexplored yet opportunities. When I was learning music, I took eye-hand coordination for granted, but when I begun to study biological sciences, I realized how complex our brain is, and how more complex biochemical signaling are involved during the coordination. A methodical research shows that musicians are able to play instruments because of the delicate control of neurons that signal for the muscle contractions at the precise location. As an artist and a researcher, I am eager to connect both the disciplines, and utilize my artistic mind in the field of neuroscience.
Since my first encounter with science, I found myself enraptured with biology more than any other discipline. In 2002, when I moved to the United States, I already had a clear path to follow. While being in the 10th grade, I enrolled early to college and then transferred to University. Additionally, I began to be more passionate about biological sciences when I was studying organic chemistry. Ultimately, I chose the biochemistry over inorganic chemistry because, similar to an art form, it has very few mathematical components and requires an extraordinary and creative mind. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Washington, I have determined to complete all three biochemistry courses before the beginning of my summer internship.
My professional goal is to become a researcher, who makes his contribution to the field of science, and brings pride to the institutions where he received his prestigious tutoring. With the acceptance into the internship program, I will be able to achieve my ultimate dream of becoming the world-class researcher. I am extremely fascinated with neurosciences, and eager to learn as much as possible about the function of the brain, especially, by sub-cortical structures, such as the cerebellum, basal ganglia, and brain stem. Additionally, I seek to find the answers to my questions: How does the brain of people with perfect pitch differ from other others, who don’t have a perfect pitch? What factors affect impair eye-hand coordination at the biochemical level? If you permit me to join your program, I will work diligently, with passion, and use every minute to gain more knowledge and benefit to your company. Moreover, I will be able to acquire the valuable hands-on experience of working in a research facility at the dawn of my career as the scientist.

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