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Published: 2021-06-29 05:35:04
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The Horizon Organic Milk Company, a milk producing company based in the United States has set its various strategies which it aims at implementing in order to meet it objective. The company which is known to be the first company to sell organic milk products in the company is very well known company among its consumer and it is a top selling brand for organic milk. The success of the company primarily comes from its objectives which are well internalized by its employees and the strategies it uses to achieve these goals and objective (Pearce, 43). These objectives and strategies are discussed below.
The Horizon Company has sets its objectives to cooperatively market certified organic milk products to its consumers nationwide in a way that there will never be a deficiency. The horizon company objective is to provide the market with the best tasting, most nutritious and wholesome milk products that meet the consumer needs as well as the health standards in US market. After realizing a niche in the market, the company was founded with its ideal goal being to provide organic milk to the US consumers (Pearce, 213). The company also wishes to establish farmer determined prices for the milk products that reflect the fair returns and to use the set prices in guiding the cooperative marketing. It aims at working to encourage a farming future that emphasize on the ecological and economic sustainability with family farmers and small suppliers that cooperate with the Horizon Company. The horizon organic milk also has set its objective as enabling a healthy human livelihood by ensuring and providing quality employment and cooperating with the society as well as providing organic education and community growth (San Diego, 578). Another important objective that the company wishes to realize is to practice environmental awareness and cooperative principles in all aspects of its operation including production, handling, marketing and other operations. It promotes innovation that will see it coming up with new and better products that will give it an advantage above its competitors. Finally, the company objective is to promote a respect for diversity, dignity and interdependence of all the stake holders that are involved in the company operation, running and success. This will include the farmers, suppliers, workers and the local community.
The Horizon Company has set various strategies in realizing its objective. These are methods that the company intends to apply in order to achieve all the objectives it has set. The company plans to practice consumer cost. This will be the reduction of its profit margin by a minimal percentage in order to give the consumer a bargaining basement and attract more customers for its products (Pearce, 234). The company should put in place measures that will help it be flexible in the market so that it can met the consumer changing taste and preferences in order to match its competitors. This is achievable by establishment of a Research and Development department that will help in gathering important information about the market needs and consumer preferences. To achieve its objectives, the company strategizes in embracing technological advancement that will make the production and preservation method sufficient and efficient (San Diego, 623). Finally it intends to embrace marketing as a strategy and ensure it increases its customer base and create a good image to the public that will foster consumer trust.
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