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Published: 2021-07-09 12:35:04
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- Introduction
- Health issues in the recent past have become a major topic through the world
- Health specialist has related the new cases to the changing lifestyle of people that is deteriorating day by day.
- There have been debates and campaigns on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.
- Definitions
- Health is defined as the level of functionality of a living organism
- People have different ways of defining or describing what healthy living is and what it entails.
- Ways of Maintaining A healthy Lifestyle
- Unhealthy lifestyle is that under which a person is not physically, socially, and mentally well.
- Healthy living aims at achieving the most efficient cellular functioning besides the macro factors that are part of human health.
- Enough rest for an individual, positive relationships, proper nutrition, and carrying out appropriate exercises (Haywood pg. 12-65).
- Visiting a health facility for medical checkup comes as a priority in leading a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is exercising appropriately.
- Proper nutrition
- Sleeping is also another important aspect for a healthy lifestyle, it allows an individual’s body to relax and have a rest.
- Conclusion
- All the above factors regarding healthy living play a crucial role in shaping the lifestyle of individuals.
- Following them reduces l-health cases and leads to a longer life.
- People are encouraged to adopt a healthy lifestyle for a happy and healthy life.
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Jerome, Brian A, and Nina Keck. Maintaining a Healthy Body. Brandon, Vt: Visual Learning Co, 2010.

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