Joseph Conrads The Secret Agent Book Reviews Example

Published: 2021-07-05 06:35:05
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Joseph Conrad’s; The Secret Agent:
Chief Inspector Heat was seen as a kind man, from the Assistant Commissioner’s description. The Chief Inspector was inclined to finding Michaelis as guilty, mainly because he was associated with dangerous men. It is said that some two men were seen last in a railway station and that they came from his village. The Assistant Commissioner, on the other hand, had social ties to Michaelis and therefore, did not want him implicated and later spoke to his superior about wanting to solve the case alone. When the Assistant commissioner and the Chief Inspector go to look for evidence, they find a square piece of calico stitched under the side of a label with an address. The address reads No. 32 Brett Street, which turns out to be a shop. The shop belongs to a man called Mr. Verlock, a man who is not in their records. From the story, Mr. Verlock turns out to be a secret agent. The Chief Inspector had visited Mr. Verlock in his shop and asked to open one of the packages from Paris for him in exchange of his protection. The Assistant Commissioner, at one point, smiled at the thought that the Chief Inspector might have been involved in wrong dealings with Mr. Verlock.
As Mr Verlock is talking to his wife about emigrating, the Assistant Commissioner pays him a visit. Later, inspector Heat got to Mr. Verlock’s shop. The Chief Inspector wanted to get Mr. Verlock to talk voluntarily about the whole story that was under investigation. When he went to the shop, he had asked Mrs. Verlock about a missing coat at the scene where the bombing had occurred. She confirmed that the coat belonged to Stevie and had written the address on it. Later, Mr. Verlock got to learn that his wife knew that her brother who died in a bomb blast was killed by the same bomb he had made. Mrs. Verlock ended up in grief and eventually stabbed her husband. From the two visits, it is clear that both men wanted information from Mr. Verlock, though the Assistant Commissioner had showed up first since he did not want Michaelis to be convicted again.
After killing her husband, Winnie Verlock fled, and met Ossipon. Ossipon helps her, and confesses that he romantically attracted to her. He helps her take a boat for her escape; however, when Mrs. Verlock confesses to having killed her husband, Ossipon becomes increasingly worried and abandons her. Later, he discovers in a newspaper about the disappearance of a woman who also left her wedding ring before drowning herself in the English Channel. Due to the guilt, Ossipon gave away all the money to the professor.

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