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Published: 2021-06-24 13:15:04
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Dear Program Director:
I am a manager at the Assurance Department of PwC in Shenzen China and acted as [INSERT NAME HERE]’s career coach between Jan. 2013 and Mar. 2013. I found him to be inquisitive and interested in a broad range of fields. We would often eat meals together and he always had questions regarding the work of a Big Four CPA firm, about communications with clients, career paths, and other questions related to the finer details of the work we do. This inquisitiveness paid off for [INSERT NAME HERE], as the work he performed was fantastic.
During [INSERT NAME HERE]’s internship he participated in the annual audit of the China State Construction Engineering Corporation and worked many hard hours on this important project. He was directly responsible for the “Cash and Bank”, “Accounts Receivable,” and “Accounts Payable” items of the project and performed admirably. He was further responsible for estimating gains and losses from pending litigation that clients had. [INSERT NAME HERE] regularly worked from 18 hour days, six days a week, for 2 months. Displaying his commitment to the project and camaraderie with his colleagues.
Despite his commitment to the project, he also displayed excellent leadership skills on a number of occasions. [INSERT NAME HERE]’s team was originally composed of nine people. In the first week of the internship, they were already working long hours into the night. One night, at approximately 11pm, one of the other staff members was stricken with high fever and terrible pains in her stomach. [INSERT NAME HERE] took the initiative, and immediately took the other employ to the hospital. After some treatment, she was feeling better, and they returned to the job site at 3 am. Needless to say, the other team members understood that [INSERT NAME HERE] was an empathetic person and willing to extend himself to others personally in times of crises. This example highlights the team effort that [INSERT NAME HERE] is committed to. Despite his workload, he was willing to take his time and make sure that his teammate was rushed to the hospital and stayed with her throughout the process. Indeed, these were the behaviors of a leader, and the team and myself were very proud of him.
[INSERT NAME HERE] displayed excellent collaborative skills and an ability to work well and efficiently under high levels of pressure and with a heavy work load, throughout his internship. Furthermore, through careful and direct communications with client he showed excellent communication skills, explaining difficult concepts to laypeople who were unfamiliar with accounting principles.
The high quality of [INSERT NAME HERE]’s work was very apparent from the ultimate work he delivered and from the feedback with clients and collaborators alike. I had wanted to extend [INSERT NAME HERE]’s contract time to continue working at PwC Shenzhen. However, due to the upcoming semester, he declined my offer of the continued internship. While I was disappointed, I understood and supported his decision fully. Having received the best ratings possible, we also extended an invitation to participate in a final round interview with a partner for further employment. This too was declined in favor of continued education, proving to me [INSERT NAME HERE]’s intellectual commitment to the field as opposed to a simple desire for personal gain.
In sum, [INSERT NAME HERE] will make an excellent addition to your program. The education he will receive will make him an excellent and well-rounded finance expert. Furthermore, I believe that he will positively contribute to the learning environment and help other students achieve their goals.
Thank you,
Andrea Yang

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