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Published: 2021-06-28 11:35:05
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IT Consultation for Mr. Green
Windows 7 Ultimate has the following capabilities that Mr. Green must be aware of in terms of its networking capabilities. These include the availability of BranchCache where in with this feature enables the user to keep a local copy of most accessed company files. DirectAccess is another networking feature where one can use if he is a VPN (virtual private network client). This specific feature boosts its capability to provide a secure connection between both ends of two communicating nodes. Domain Join is still another feature where you can use your system on an Active Directory style network. The capability to create HomeGroups is still another feature which allows peer-to-peer networking with clients connected to the network. Windows 7 Ultimate’s capability to create a Library folder where different files are placed like those you shared in HomeGroups are proven to be helpful in organizing files, network files especially. Another helpful networking feature is its capability of providing Location Aware Printing. This saves time as you can print from any printer connected to the network as long as you are also connected to it even if you are physically away from the printer. In addition, the operating system has also the capability of URL-based Quality of Service control which has been proven to be important for network administrators as they are capable of controlling the magnitude of what one client can do. Like most previous versions of Operating systems with networking capabilities, Windows 7 ultimate has also the capability of viewing available networks and the Windows Connect Now feature where the security of the network can be easily configured. (Vaughan-Nichols, 2009) In addition, this specific version of Windows 7 has the capability of becoming a remote desktop host.
Although Mr. Green indeed does want to experiment on working with Windows 7 ultimate, he wants that if this fails, he can easily go back to the previous working system them have been using. This just means that they need their computers to be able to boot on two operating systems, the Windows 7 Ultimate and their previous working system. To do this, they may need to partition their hard disks to be able to install both Operating Systems as two operating systems cannot be installed on the same drive. Since, the company uses cloud storages for some of their shared files, technically, these may not be caused of problems when even if the network is down since cloud storage are independent of the network that you are using, although, one has to have access to these files through the internet. With regards to the possibility that some previously used features of Windows Enterprise may not be supported in Windows Ultimate, Mr. Green does not need to fear of this case as Window Ultimate carry all the features of all other Windows 7 versions.
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