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Published: 2021-06-26 11:30:04
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Interpersonal communication is the factor on which human relationships and interactions are based. Scholars have variously described interpersonal communication as the foundation of socialization. The importance of interpersonal communication revolves around positive, constructive and progressive relationships. For instance, proper interpersonal communication skills can enable an individual become a perfect leader through enhancing their conflict resolution capabilities. Similarly, strong interpersonal skills can equip a manager with strong exceptional decision making capacities. While interpersonal communication may be particularly important in all careers, one may find it difficult to establish the connection between interpersonal communication and my major – horticulture. Even so, considering that studying horticulture could lead a person to many careers, the essence of interpersonal communication becomes apparent. Upon completion of my studies, I would like to develop a career in the human aspects of horticulture, such as coordinating horticultural projects and offering consultancy services on the same.
Horticulture is described as the art and science of growing fruits, ornamental plants, vegetables and flowers. Considering that it is both an art and a science, it follows that the discipline has considerable human aspects. In horticultural practice, interpersonal communication can help an individual become a good team leader capable of leading members of staff in maintaining the farms and initiating team projects. Just like any other career, horticulture needs teamwork, especially where multidisciplinary approaches are necessary. Since interpersonal communication equips one with strong decision making skills, it follows that one will be able to lead teams in making decisions and embracing change. Additionally, interpersonal communication can help a horticulturalist educate the community on the importance of plants, and the aesthetic value of flowers. This enhances a concept referred to as corporate social responsibility.
There is a close connection between horticulture and business because, essentially, the flowers, fruits and ornamental plants are meant for sale. In any transaction, negotiation becomes necessary. With strong interpersonal communication skills, one becomes a better negotiator. Considering that business in the contemporary world is based on relationships, a horticulturalist with strong negotiation skills is likely to thrive in business because he will effortlessly initiate and maintain functional relationships with potential clients. As mentioned earlier, anybody pursuing horticulture could choose to offer consultancy services in the field. Offering such services means that he or she must be adequately equipped with strong listening and verbal skills. This way, he will actively listen to the needs of a client, and offer a potent solution through verbally communicating the solutions to the client. Such will establish a loyal client base, which will stabilize their career.
As a horticultural coordinator, one will encounter situations characterized by conflict. A coordinator, being the manager and supervisor, will have to oversee the resolution of such conflicts. Conflict resolution skills are closely tied to interpersonal communication skills. With such skills, an individual will effectively manage healthy and peaceful relationships among the horticultural workers. Along with conflict resolution come problem solving skills. A combination of the two makes one a perfect manager capable of monitoring, controlling and guiding the staff members in the fields through working effectively with the experts in plant culture. Overall, interpersonal communication skills are important in the career of horticulture because horticulturalists are charged with the duty of establishing a connection between human culture and plant culture. The horticulturalists require strong interpersonal communication skills to make the community appreciate the role of plants in healthy living.

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