How Was The Level Of Physical Aggression Behavior Measured Course Work Example

Published: 2021-06-23 07:55:06
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Question 1

Non equivalent Control Group Design – in this type of quasi experimental design both the treatment group and the comparison group are compared with the use of pretest and posttest data. The researcher can confidently have her claim regarding the effect of the treatment when the above groups are similar in the pretest measures but different in the post test measures.

Non equivalent Interrupted time series Group design – in this design, the researcher looks into a sequence of observations made before and after the treatment. Treatment effect takes place takes place when sudden changes occur during the implementation of the treatment. For a time series with a non equivalent control group, the researchers collect data on observations made before and after the treatment is implemented for both the treatment group as well as the comparison group.

Non equivalent Interrupted time series Group design is the quasi experimental design that best describes the research. This is because observations for the research were made before and after the smoking ban was implemented in Ottawa. They were made of the basis of time effect.

Question 2

The smoke ban may have caused the increase in the sales. This can be linked to the fact that those who used to smoke in bars and restaurants carried bought the cigarettes and carried home to smoke them outside the bars and restaurants. This resulted into bulky buying and hence the increase in sales. The ability to draw conclusion that it was the smoking ban that caused the increase in sales is minimized by the limitation that the sample population selected may have not depicted the picture of the whole population since non equivalent group design is not random.

Question 3

How frequent did people visit bars and restaurants to smoke rather than buying the cigarettes and smoking them elsewhere?

Question 4

The independent variable for the study would be the physical aggression while the dependent variable for the study would be the extent of physical aggression behavior of the children when provided with the Bobo doll.

Question 5

A replication of the Bandura experiment will include exposing one half of the children to the same sex adult role model while exposing the other half to the opposite sex adult role model.

Question 6

A replication plus extension for the Bandura study would consist of children being exposed two different role models. One half of the children exposed to a role model treating the Bobo doll nicely by taking good care of it. The other half of the children exposed to an adult who mistreats the Bobo through physical aggression. Additionally expose each of the groups of children to both the two different adult role models.

Question 7

A conceptual replication for the Bandura experiment would include children observing different adult role models. The adult role models will include adults with different characters. The study will aim to find out if the children imitate the characters of their adult role models. The adult role models would include people dressing in a specific manner and doing behaving in a particular consistent manner. One half of children will be exposed to an adult role model, one who sags their trousers while the other. The other half will be exposed to an adult role model who does not sag their trousers.

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