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Published: 2021-06-22 18:00:04
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Social networking is not only important for organizations, but also for its employees. According to Barone (2011), social networking provides a learning platform for employees. This is because through social networking, employees share issues with their colleagues and other associates. These issues may range from work-related issues, such as knowledge, creative ideas, and useful professional resources that may help them better their skills and competencies. Social networking also provides the employees with a platform to connect with potential mentors and experts that may be useful to both the employees and the organization in which they work.

The knowledge and ideas gathered through social networking can be translated into a talking point during an interview by expressing the new ideas and knowledge that have been gained through social networking. Social networking policies in organization, for example, teach employees how to handle customers, how to represent the organization, and how to handle themselves during crucial occurrences (Barone, 2011). The knowledge gained through these policies can help one in an interview because they will know how to handle themselves in front of potential employers and express themselves on the benefits they would bring their potential employer.

Why would it be important for an organization to provide its employees with specificresponses for situations that arise with social networking?

Social networking policies are important in providing employees with specific responses for situations that arise with social networking. As Barone (2011) states, it is important for organizations to teach their employees how to handle service complaints, how to respond to different issues, and how to act and respond in case of a scandal. This is because employees are the representatives of a company’s brand and how they handle issues is a determinant of whether the company will gain, maintain or lose customers and other associates (Edwards, 2013).

How does a unified social networking policy empower an employee?

A unified social networking policy empowers employees because it gives them a sense of belonging and power by showing them that they are part of the company and their input helps meet the company’s goals (Barone, 2011). It also empowers them by showing them that they are brand representatives of the company, and their social networking can help bring mentors and experts to the company (Edwards, 2013).


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