Healthcare Rights Course Work Examples

Published: 2021-06-25 16:10:05
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Many insurance companies have over the years taken advantage of their customers. Medical insurance companies have used the preexisting condition of their clients to deny them coverage that they desperately need. Clearly health insurance companies are not out to assist their clients but to maximize their profits. In the case of Rosalyn Schwartz, her insurance provider refused to extend insurance for ulcers.

This was because she already had ulcers at the time she sought to have her own health insurance. One of things that should have been done differently in the case of Rosalyn Schwartz was that in her insurance company should not have used her preexisting condition as the basis of extending coverage. In this way, Rosalyn Schwartz would have been covered for a range of illnesses including ulcers, which she was already ailing from. There should be a legal framework that should deter health insurance companies for denying coverage to clients based on their preexisting condition.

In addition, there is a need for a health care plan that covers clients who are unemployed and divorced. In this way clients who are divorced by their husbands are not automatically left out of an insurance plan. In the case of Rosalyn Schwartz, she suffered a blow when she divorced her husband because she did not have health insurance after the divorce (Pence, 2008, p.310).

If there was a law that extended health insurance to the unemployed people in the middle class it would have been easier for Rosalyn Schwartz to access timely medical attention. In conclusion, it is important that patients do not postpone their medical checkups on the grounds that they will go to hospital after they obtain insurance. This is because their diseases might be critical and irreversible by the time the patients receive medical attention.


Pence, G. E. (2008). Classic cases in medical ethics: accounts of the cases and issues that define medical ethics (5th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill Higher Education.

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