Health Care Course Work Example

Published: 2021-07-01 10:10:06
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Q 1
The coaching of an employee through progressive discipline is advantageous since preparation is prelude to the course of enacting and implementing discipline at work. This approach offers room for free and comfortable interaction with managers and their employees. One reason for coaching is to discover any underlying issues an employee might be experiencing for which they might have genuine reason, for example, personal issues, medical issues, or concerns with other workers being the root cause. This gives room for not making hasty conclusions until one gathers the facts. The major elements that support positive discipline are inclusive of positive attitude, positive affirmations, clearly setting goals and aligning the working team to manage them better.

Q 2

Developing accountability at the workplace goes a long way in improving one’s self esteem and progressing their motivation and attitude towards the work environment and tasks availed to them. The individual positive attitudes and beliefs held by personnel are vital in keeping them enthused and yearning to work. Workers quality improvement through the use of enhancement programs, institutional and management cultures and leadership aids in positively supporting work ethic and responsibility.

Q 3
The management skills for a Nursing Home Administrator are a priority in successfully managing the work environment. Leaders come out from the necessity to develop and improve a situation. Directors are responsible with taking over the day-to-day tasks, for example the higher-quality patient care and minimized patient complaints. The high quality of services expectant of the health unit are requisite to be accompanied with good and skilled management personnel.

Q 4
A leader should be confident, humble, thoughtful, a risk taker, an appropriate decision maker and has good communication skills. The level of interactivity within the work environment should be increased to enable individuals familiarize with and appreciate one another at the work place.

Q 5
The two classical functions involved in the financial management of the NH are control planning which is both aimed a marinating a control over the budget and costs while planning and scheduling using available funds appropriately. Objectives for the financials involve setting a suitable cost budge and recycling back profits into the organization for improving various sectors within it.

Q 6
The variance techniques include the investigation pegged on the between the budgeted, planned or standard amounts and the definite result. One technique is the use of ANOVA variance analysis which is an essential statistical analysis. It is utilized in controlling labor costs by selecting the appropriate and best fit decision path that would probably offer the best and most affordable costs among different options.

Q 7
The conditions of an effective corporate program comprise of its ease to be understood by other individuals. The program should be able to create and retain records, develop effective lines of communication and enforcing effective standards via well-publicized disciplinary guidelines. Additionally, an officer should be put in place to implement these conditions like the auditing and monitoring employee performance while assessing the effectiveness of the compliance program.

Q 8
The NHA should be a time conscious individual to be able to manage the responsibilities that come with the tasks of managing workers and coordinating with them. The most vital component to success in the accomplishment of the business aspect, managing work/workers, and managing the facility in community and society involves putting in place a clear and well-structured communication system. This will advantage the better and appropriate exchange of information within the various departments in the organization.

Q 9
The two models defined by Douglas McGregor regarding management behavior comprise of the theory X and Y. Theory-X assumptions are that most people dislike work and will avoid it to the extent possible and therefore they must be frequently pressured, controlled, and threatened with penalties to get the work done. Theory-Y advocates for the creation of trust established and centered on firms with empowered staffs.

Q 10

The consideration when determining adequate staff levels include the examination of operational costs and the wages due for each and every staff individual in the organization. These additionally include insurance policies and the expertise of each worker employed.

Q 11

The factors that would be included in a performance appraisal are the training programs involved in the work, their communication capabilities and their ability to work under stressful conditions but still produce exceptional results.

Q 12

Human resource challenges facing the LTC include lack of adequate skilled workers. Performance appraisals are not at their optimal and the retaining and rewarding the best employees is becoming difficult. Investing in leadership development is also increasingly becoming difficult. Other issues include the difficulty in developing communication skills while sustaining a realistic accountability.

Q 13

CQI is aimed at increasing quality and continuously improving the Nursing Facility’s operations and performance. If a process is in control, the outcomes of the process can be accurately predicted when the implementation of a CQI process in executed. The benefits of this approach enable the organization to realize their optimal service quality and recognize if there is room for more improvement. One example I would develop on my team includes the implementation of improvement project focused on one of the various department in the organization. This can be encouraged through the improvement of facilities and the working staff service quality.

Q 14

The approaches that would successfully focus and try to solve the issue regarding absenteeism and work turnover comprises of the enactment of strict laws and operational policies that aim at limiting the violation of this mandatory service of contract. One would include the issuance of permission based of recommendation form a line of command or interdepartmental manager and signed agreements. Executing penalties on ignorant absenteeism is also highly advisable.

Q 15

The ADA is the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 which protects the individuals with disabilities by law. This protects them from discrimination form every operational activity in the country from sports, work, and census. There is assurance of equity as indicated from national polls for this law.

Q 16

The significant challenges affecting the care industry include the shortage in skilled personnel to operate in this field of service as their career. Another challenge faced is the lack of adequate funding from the government especially in the public sector. The government should increase the budget allocation for supporting the healthcare system in the country and provide medical insurance in a wide range to its citizens.

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