Good Research Proposal About Statement: In My Field Of Information System Operation Management (Isom), The Current

Published: 2021-07-10 11:30:05
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Proposal for the current issue in my field research project
There has been an increase in incidents involving digital cyber attacks worldwide. Most of the databases of corporations are targeted by criminals since they contain sensitive company information, which obtained can be used against the company. Hackers normally attack the databases to acquire sensitive information such as credit card numbers and other personal information of unsuspecting customers and use it to commit internet fraud.
Perlroth, Nicole, and David Gelles. "Russian Hackers Amass Over a Billion Internet Passwords." The New York Times. The New York Times, 5 Aug. 2014. Web. 15 Nov. 2014.
A Russian crime was able to assemble a vast array of internet credentials, which included over a billion user names and password combinations. The author notes that the range of websites affected included both big Fortune 500 companies and small websites. As such, the severity of such a security breach warrants the need to improve security measures on database protection on the internet.
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