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Published: 2021-06-29 09:45:04
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Article Review on the Impacts of Deception in Marketing Research
The article relates to the degrading ethical standards in marketing research. Many marketing researchers find it necessary to give misleading information to their study participants, which often lead to potential negative consequences of deceptive marketing practices.Theoretical critique
The article provides a conceptual starting point, where managers can develop a complete understanding of deception in marketing research that includes ethical analysis from a theoretical point of view of consequentialism. Methodological critique
The method used by the researchers is valid as it sets the necessary ethical standards for a theoretical point of view; hence it provides the correct conclusions.
Managerial critique
This research provides practicing managers the information they need, for example, the importance of informing their online research participants that the information they give on the website, will be used for marketing research. According to Zikmund and Babin, marketing research is a field that is necessary for managers who desire to run successful marketing campaigns by understanding the essentials and avoiding deception (Zikmund & Babin, 2013, p.605).
There is resurgence in marketing research with popularity of social networking and the use of internet spreading wide. Public perceptions are affected significantly through marketing and advertising. An ethical obligation to conduct objective research is a fundamental duty to market researchers; therefore, available data allows a nuanced picture development. Researchers who allow their prejudices to skew researcher’s work contribute to stereotype perpetuation in advertising.
Future implications
Marketing researchers have an ethical obligation to conduct research objectively so that the data collected allows for the development of a nuanced picture. Researchers who abet deception contribute to the perpetuation of stereotypes in advertising and related marketing activities.References
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