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Published: 2021-07-03 17:10:05
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There`s no need to reintroduce the one of the greatest rock bands of all the times named "U2". Our task, today, is to describe the biography of this band in only one page, which is challenging, but possible to complete. Let us just try.
Their start was in 1976, when the band`s future drummer Larry Mullen Jr. placed a note at school board seeking for the musicians for his band. With the bassist Adam Clayton, the guitarist Dave Evans and Paul Hewson on vocals, who`ll become famous as Bono, they formed a band called "Feedback" that quickly changed into "The Hype"; however, their first success was with the name "U2" in 1978, as they won their first prize of £500 and an invitation to record their first demo in the studio. Their first single was recorded and released with great success in September of 1979 and their first concert in London happened in December of the same year. Island Record established a contract with the band in March 1980; moreover, in two months the band releases its first international single under the name "O`Clock Tick Tock", followed up by their first album "Boy" that described the sensitive problems of adolescence in October the same year. The next came "October" with its spiritual motifs in 1981 and "War" in February 1983 full of pacifism themes. With their demand to progress, they recorded "The Unforgettable Fire" in 1984 that was the band`s greatest sound change. Their Historical "Live Aid" concert of 1985 raised $250 million to fight the drought in Ethiopia; moreover, the next year was highlighted with their supportive tour to Amnesty International. In the years of 1990s, their music laughed at the commercialism of the time and to avoid the status of the commercial band itself; they started to perform in smaller scenes by the beginning of the 2000s. The band was added into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the year of 2005 with 22 Grammy awards by that time, which is the second position after the number of Grammys of Stevie Wonder.
The band never stops its social activity and the work for charity, as they draw the community`s attention to the most important problems of the modern world like poverty and terrorism. Bono himself has become not only a great musician, but a great enthusiast of the charity.

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