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Published: 2021-07-04 03:50:05
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Section A: Article Review
The article explains the impact of multiculturalism on the meeting industry. Different people of the world exhibit different cultures. The article depicts that the research study was conducted in order to achieve certain objectives. These include exploring and prioritizing critical issues which can improve the effectiveness of multicultural meetings, and gaining direction with respect to the role of the initiative in addressing market needs surrounding multicultural meeting. In addition, the article reveals that the research study was conducted to gather and disseminate demographic information which improves understanding of multicultural characteristics within the industry.
An online survey was conducted on a sample of respondents who were drawn from different races. Results of telephone interviews conducted by the researchers showed that the definition of a successful meeting is the same for many people irrespective of race or culture. In addition, most of the participants observed that organizations which offer meeting services ought to be sensitive to the particular needs of meeting attendees from different races or cultures. In spite of the fact that most participants felt that fulfilling meetings are described by people of diverse cultures in the same way, they also agreed that the attainment of a successful meeting necessitated different awareness creation and behavior towards people of diverse cultures.
In conclusion, the study revealed that there exist differences in the perception of the term “multicultural” when used within or outside the United States. In the United States, it is used to refer to a meeting of people of different races, religion or ethnic groups. Outside the United States, it is used in describing a meeting of people from different parts of the world.
Section B: Value
The research study has findings that are significant in the real world. The results of the study will have a critical impact on the manner in which strategies for communication, marketing, professional advancement and establishing of standards for best practices are developed. For instance, in the highly Eurocentric white destinations such as New Hampshire, it is critical to evaluate and understand the perceptions of the people towards multicultural meetings. This will facilitate the process of analyzing how they view gatherings that comprise of people from diverse regions. A white-dominated society may exhibit social intolerance to other races. This situation may be contributed to by a lack of adequate exposure to the cultures of people with different races.
The research findings reveal that while such groups may be regarded as prejudiced, it is the contextual setting of their lives that greatly influences their way of reasoning. The kind of prejudices that will be observed in areas such as New Hampshire will be determined by regional differences in culture. This creates a large multicultural market for exploitation. This will entail among other vital measures the following; screening of the presentation, creation of awareness and socio-cultural (customs, beliefs, values, principles, traditions, etc.) recognition, awareness of the requirements of proper dieting, education and training on cultural awareness for organizations, understanding region-based differences in culture and cultural differences in the international scene. To sum up, the world is a global village that is becoming increasingly unbound by prejudices whether regional or international. The research study is instrumental in shaping a world that is unconstrained by multicultural differences but driven by tolerance and understanding of cultural diversity. Therefore, a large multicultural market exists in highly Eurocentric New Hampshire.
Koppelman, K. L., & Goodhart, R. L. (2005). Understanding human differences: Multicultural education for a diverse America. Boston: Pearson/Allyn and Bacon.
Rao, C. P. (2006). Marketing and multicultural diversity. Aldershot, England: Ashgate.

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