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Published: 2021-07-01 22:35:04
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The incidental and descriptive details reveal that life in the village is hard due to poverty. From the description, it is clear that famine has plagued the village numerously. This has led to the lack of food. In addition, life in the village is full of gossip. This is clear from the conversation Muni has with the shopkeeper about the postman.
Muni’s idea that the tourist is a police officer out to arrest him divides the U.S tourist and Muni. In addition, money also divides the two characters. The differing assumption and idea by both parties that interferes with communication is that they are discussing the same issue. Both characters assume that they are discussing the same topic and this leads to a communication breakdown.
The story reveals that rich nations are in a position of oppressing poor nations. From the story, it is clear that the rich can use their money to acquire anything from the poor. For example, the tourist offers money for a symbolic horse statue. This can be read symbolically.
The Gobbler and the Machine
The narrator loves the British. He believes that the British are fashionable. From the story it is clear that he will not let his mother buy him Indian boots since he had been promised British boots. This can be attributed to the fact that he believes that the British boots are better than Indian shoes.
The narrator has a negative attitude towards India. He refuses an offer by his mother to buy him Indian shoes. He believes that they are of a lower quality as compared to British shoes. In addition, he detests how the Indian community segregates each other based on their financial background.
The narrator is not responsible for the death of the cobbler. In fact, he played an instrumental role in inspiring the cobbler to better himself. The cobbler is a victim of the deal that he made with LallaSain Das about acquiring the new machine.

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