Good Example Of Article Review On Change In The Middle East: Implications For U.S. Policy

Published: 2021-07-05 20:50:05
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Change In Middle East: Implication For U.S. Policy
Change In Middle East: Implication For U.S. Policy
The U.S. policy goal on North Africa and the Middle East has been affected by the recent political changes and continual unrest. Despite the fact that the policy address security, energy supply, trade, terrorism investments and counter-proliferation, it is clear that those issues conflict.
I was un-aware that the U.S. could corporate with those against democracy and human right compromising its goal. Many leaders have subjected themselves to U.S. to enable them get into power regardless of the citizen’s opinion. It is not clear on what strategies U.S. should take to control the situation as the some regimes it relied on may end. Many of these countries are not willing foreigners to handle security issues. The author has exposed the U.S’s intention to benefit continually from the Suez Canal makes it seek to have a concern in relationship between Egypt and Israel. It is now clear to me that operations of the U.S. in the Gulf countries create tension despite accessing their facilities. It is also disturbing to note that U.S. is not clear on its support for human right as some action is contrary.
More stable, developed and powerful countries pose a threat to U.S. tactics of controlling regions where they too have an interest. It is difficult for U.S. to corporate with Islamist led countries without changing its policies. It appears that the U.S. policy strategies to maintain peace promote human rights, security and development need to take a new course to achieve the goal. This article is crucial for those who want to understand the basis of U.S. actions and the difficulties it faces in implementing its strategies now and in the future.
Blanchard, C. M., & Library of Congress (2012). Change in the Middle East: Implications for U.S. policy. Washington, D.C.?: Congressional Research Service.

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