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Published: 2021-06-30 01:05:05
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Counseling is therapeutic to all members of the society. It does not matter what the nature of the counseling is because stressors have taken toll on literary every aspect of life, from the family setup, to careers, marriages, school and even other activities that people involve themselves in as they go about life. It is therefore paramount to take care of people both physically and mentally in an effort to optimize on the positive aspects of life and minimize stressors (Erford 2012). Through counseling, people are able to work through problems regardless of the sources of their problems. Counseling psychology calls for the utilization of psychological theories to bring therapeutic help to their clientele from all walks of life with all sorts of problems.

With counseling psychology, personal and interpersonal function of the target groups is facilitated to go about life in an easy way by trying to bring a balance between the stressors and other aspects of life. The concerns here a about improving people’s well being all the way from a family set up, to school and the work place. The focus is also put on how best to alleviate distress while resolving personal and interpersonal crises. This will in the long run see an increase in the ability of people functioning better in their personal lives and also the way they cope with other people in the several environments that they find themselves. This will reflect positively on how people function within themselves and their outward character and also the lives of the people that they socialize with (Erford 2012).

There is an interconnection that exists between work related roles and personal roles that one practices in their natural environments such as family and even social life such as school and other activities that one may find themselves taking part in (Gladding 2013). Social life encompasses several things and balancing all of them is hard enough, the practice of counseling tries to help out in normal developmental problems as well as issues that come with challenges in live. At the end of the day, a major perspective is put on the well being of not only the individual but also proper functioning of society. There are those problems that do not come naturally butt are self imposed such as abuse and drug addiction. They are not left out and they also receive a fair share of counseling so as to help individuals deal with and overcome them. On the same note, there are problems that come with natural causes and they also need to be dealt with so as to enable people having them know how to live with them.

Specialized interventions are very important and are used under these circumstances. The kind of help administered can be short term or long term but the good thing is that the solutions offered are problem specific and goal oriented. Individual difference and diversity is not left out while dealing with these issues (Erford 2007). It has come to my attention hat different groups of people have different problems that need to be handled differently using specialized interventions. A person therefore needs to be assessed and the cause of their issues analyzed before any form of intervention is administered. Their environment plays a major role in the kind of issues they have and the interventions that best suit their issues are those that are given and chosen according to the cause of their different problems.


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