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Published: 2021-07-07 18:45:05
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Organization Behavior
Holden Outerwear is a company that cares about the internal and external environment. The professional internal team of Holden Outerwear finds the inspiration in fashion. In comparison with the competitors, that look for the inspiration mostly in the internal environment, Holder Outerwear goes beyond the boundaries and always look outside. External environment, like friends, travelling, permits Holden outerwear to make the unique products. Holden outerwear cares about the environment and uses the eco-friendly family of techniques and recourses, like recycled fabrics, solvent free laminations, biodegradable packaging.
Holden Outerwear has the pretty high standards. A compliance with those standards is a real challenge that requires the highest attention to all the details. Team members go to Asia, hold the negotiations, meet to engage the product, see what they are working about, discuss the conditions, see what kind of product they are capable of producing. Everything should be done in time. To be on time is the biggest challenge. Time is the most important thing: when the product is in the store, when it needs to be. Holden Outerwear understands if a dealer does not have the necessary products, the customers will go away. Goods delivery in time is one the challenges, that Holden Outerwear meets bravely. Holden Outerwear has the efficient supply chain, the first link of which is the shipping from Asia. Holden Outerwear has five factories which ship separately to US. There are special people in Asia who deal with the paper works, with the customs and accounting. Due to the well organized work, Holden Outerwear is not afraid to meet any challenges.
Theo Chocolate
Theo Chocolate company illustrates the best principles of social responsibility concept. All the team members, and founder Joe Whinney reveal their love of chocolate and the environment. Joe Whinney understands that the social and environmental degradation has become a real problem, and he wants to save the planet producing and selling fine organic chocolate, the production of which does not influence the Earth’s ecosystem badly. Theo Chocolate has introduced the special chocolate eco production way – a beanto-bar method. A beanto-bar method helps to avoid pesticide bean usage, does not bring any harm to people, involved in the production, farmers, and an environment. Due to it, the harvests are grown in a natural way; the ecosystem balance is carefully maintained. Buying a bar of Theo Chocolate, people get the healthy and delicious food. It’s important to control the brand and the message, control the manufacturing from the been to manufacturing, and supply chain.
Debra Music, a Vice President, says Theo is a “triple bottom line” company. This saying means that they are doing good while doing well. They value people, profit at equal measure, none of those things suffer at the cost of something else. Theo has IMO certification for their factory, This company holds themselves to the fair trade standards, and committed to transparency at every level of supply chain. If Theo’s social objectives conflict with the organization’s economic objectives, the product quality, or the coco farmers’ conditions of work will suffer. The trust between the company, suppliers and consumers will be lost.
Fair trade is important to build trust with the consumers. IMO certification insures the economic and social integrity of the supply chain. Coco price is low in comparison with the chocolate production cost. Fair trade respects the workers’ of the different levels rights and sets the organizational justice. The fair trade means transparent negotiating, and allows the farmers to improve the quality of the resources and get a much better price. Such holistic approach guarantees the profitable business model to all the links of a chain.

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